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Monday, December 30, 2013

Beintehaa Serial – Beintehaa TV Serial – Beintehaa Colors TV Talks about Muslim Social Encompassing

Beintehaa serial is a new series on Colors TV starting from 30th December, 2013. Beintehaa TV serial is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 9PM in India. Beintehaa is set against in the backdrop of Muslim social encompassing.

Beintehaa Cast:


Preetika Rao has played the character of Aaliya in Beintehaa serial. She is the female protagonist of Beintehaa TV serial.


Harshad Arora has played the character of Zain in Beintehaa. He is the male protagonist of Beintehaa on Colors TV.

Naved Aslam and Rituraj Singh are also leading casts of Beintehaa TV serial. More casts are yet to be introduced of Beintehaa serial in coming episode.

Beintehaa Story:

Story of Beintehaa serial is set against the Muslim backdrop. It a passionate love story of Zain and Aliya also. Zain is a rich guy while Aaliya is a middle class girl in Beintehaa Colors TV. On the one hand, Zain doesn’t believe in theory of love. On the other hand, Aaliya strongly believes in love which nurtured our life.

Story of Beintehaa TV serial follows the journey of Zain and Aaliya which begins from hate in discovering love. To know complete story of Beintehaa, watch Colors TV every Monday to Friday at 9PM.

First Episode of Beintehaa:

First episode of Beintehaa begins with the family of Usmaan. It was the story of Bhopal and Mumbai. First episode of Beintehaa serial was an introductory episode of casts and characters. Title song and theme song of the serial are superb. Storyline and dialogues between characters are also very amazing. We knew about Bhopali Urdu also.

About Beintehaa:

Beintehaa serial is a very unique drama series on Colors to reveal Muslim social encompassing. Beintehaa TV serial is a tale of Zain and Aaliya. Beintehaa is the most awaiting series on Colors TV.

Viewers can watch Beintehaa Colors TV every Monday to Friday at 9PM from December 30th 2013.