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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bhoot Aaya – Bhoot Aaya on Sony TV – A New Horror Show Bhoot Aaya Launched on Sony TV

Bhoot Aaya is a new horror series on Sony Entertainment Television starting from October 13th 2013. Bhoot Aaya on Sony TV is scheduled to air every Sunday at 11PM in India.

First Episode of Bhoot Aaya:

First episode of Bhoot Aaya serial was based on a true incident. It happens with Prem Vashisht. It was an incident of Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. The episode captures a horror journey of Prem’s life. His life begins from his village. A next door woman does Kala Jadoo on him. When he returns completing his study from Delhi he suffered from fever. But his fever is not cured by the medicine. So, it was the time to call a Baba. He knew the problem. Finally, he solves that and saves Prem. It was the complete journey of superstition in a man’s life.  

About Bhoot Aaya:

Bhoot Aaya on Sony TV has been introduced as the true incidents. To prove all the incidents included in the episode the Show gives explanation getting the advice from Indian Paranormal Society.

Bhoot Aaya Sony is inspired by Fear Files Dar Ki Sacchi Tasveerein. It also collects true incidents from our societies. Victim persons are called on the Show to make it more emphatic. Bhoot Aaya is nothing but to make stronger our religion. It is the notion to spread superstition.

Bhoot Aaya serial tries to create a new theory in our mind. The thought will surely affect our society in coming days. It denies the development of science and takes way us into the middle age “dark age”.