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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bh Se Bhade Serial – ZEE TV Premiered a New Comedy TV Series Bh Se Bhade

Bh Se Bhade is a new comedy TV serial on ZEE TV starting from 26th October, 2013. It is scheduled to air every Saturday and Sunday at 8PM in India.

Bh Se Bhade Cast:


Deven Bhojani has played the character of Bhade in Bh Se Bhade TV serial. He is a very unique man with god gifted power. He takes others’ problems. Deven Bhojani was last seen in Mrs Tendulkar.

Suchita Trivedi, Sarita Joshi, Sailesh Gullabani, Vibhuti Trivedi, Bhavna Khatri, Atul Parchure and Shivangi Singh are leading casts of Bh Se Bhade ZEE TV.

Bh Se Bhade Story:

Bh Se Bhade is the journey of Bhade, a god gifted man. The series will capture a fresh story in each episode. The story brings the situational comedy. Each cast of the series is very unique and funny. They make us laugh themselves.

First Episode of Bh Se Bhade:

First episode of Bh Se Bhade brings a very humorous story. We watched Bhade who tries to make laugh his mother-in-law. In the next scene, we watch a boy with the broken leg in an amusement park. Bhade again repairs his leg.

The biggest comedy of the episode was in the office of Bhade. His boss is fond of food. Bhade, his boss and collogues plan to meet the boss of Mittal Corporation. Here, Bhade takes the anger of Mittal’s boss.

In the final scene of Bh Se Bhade, there was an arrangement on the death anniversary of Bhade’s father in law. It was the most comical moment of the series.  

About Bh Se Bhade:

Bh Se Bhade is produced by Majethia’s Hats off Productions. It is an inspiring series with comical attitude.