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Monday, February 18, 2013

Savitri Serial – Savitri Life Ok – A Fantasy Mega Series Savitri Launches on Life Ok: Watch Savitri Serial on Life OK to Experience a Deadly Love Story

Savitri is a new TV serial starting from 18th February, 2013. Savitri on Life Ok is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 8:30PM in India. Savitri is a fantasy mega series on Life Ok in the back drop of deadly love.

Savitri Serial Cast:


Riddhi Dogra has played the character of Savitri in Savitri Life Ok. Riddhi Dogra was last seen in Laagi Tujhse Lagan, Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg, Seven, Rishta.com and Maryada.


Yash Pandit has played the character of Satya in Savitri TV serial. Yash Pandit was last seen in Hum Dono Hain Alag Alag and Tere Mere Sapne.

Rahu Kaal:

Krip Suri has played the character of Rahu Kaal in Savitri TV series. Krip Suri was last seen in Phulwa. Now, he is back in Savitri series as Rahu Kaal.

Savitri Serial Story:

Story of Savitri serial is based on the myth Champa Nagar’s Damyanti and Veer. It was the story of 1000 years ago. There was a Rahu Kaal. People of the region were suffered from his evil power. Damyanti too kills herself after the death of his love – Veer.

Story of Savitri Life Ok takes a leap and enter into the 21st century where Damyanti and Veer are are reborn as Savitri and Satya. But Rahu Kaal is still a hurdle in their love saga. Will Savitri and Satya win the battle or will they have to struggle all over again?

Watch the contemporary story of Savitri TV series on Life Ok to know the remaining story with latest episodes.

First Episode of Savitri TV Serial:

First episode of Savitri Life Ok begins with the tale of Damyanti and Veer. It was the tale of 1000 years ago. There was a king of Champa Nagar named – Jai Singh. His kingdom was suffered from Rahu Kaal. In the mid, a daughter comes in the house of King Jai Singh named Damyanti. She loves Veer, Senapati of Jai Singh. But Rahu Kaal liked Damyanti. He proposed for the marriage. But she refused. Now the battle begins between Veer and Rahu Kaal. He becomes stronger with the darkness. The battle ends with the death of Veer.

Now, Damyanti decides to kill Rahu Kaal in Savitri serial. She makes a plan and calls him. She cuts his body into 52 pieces. She sends the pieces to the different holy places. But Rahu Kaal’s sister – Gulika keeps him alive waiting for the new birth of Damyanti and Veer.

Story of Savitri TV serial in the first episode takes a leap of 1000 years. We watched Kolkata in the year of 1990. A woman cries for her son. He has died. Tonight something happens unique. A pregnant woman gives the birth of girl child in the mid of Ganga. A Baaz saves the baby and brings her to a temple. A worshiper orders the woman to keep it in a Church giving her some special power.

The first episode of Savitri series covers the biggest canvas of myths and enters into the modern world. In the next episode, there will be modern Savitri (Damyanti) and Satya (Veer) in Savitri on Life Ok.

About Savitri Life Ok:

Savitri on Life Ok is the mix tale of mythology, fantasy and romance. Savitri Show is loosely based on the Mahabharat story of Savitri and Satyavan.

Savitri TV serial has a fantasy tale. Savitri Show has spectacular visual experience. It has been shot with high end technology with amazing story and fabulous stars. Savitri on Life Ok is a mysterious journey interspersed with paranormal elements. It is the ultimate test of love in the face of death.

Savitri is another promising series on Life Ok after Mahadev. It is being compared with Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani also.

Savitri series is produced by Flying Turtles. Savitri Life Ok is a story of a woman and her immense love for her love – Satya and how that love gives her the strength to face Rahu Kaal. Viewers can watch Savitri on Life Ok every Monday to Friday at 8:30PM in India.