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Monday, February 25, 2013

Saraswatichandra TV Series – Saraswatichandra on Star Plus – Sanjay Leela Bhansali Brings a Classic Tale of Love through Saraswatichandra TV Serial on Star Plus

Saraswatichandra is a new serial on Star Plus starting from 25th February, 2013. Saraswatichandra on Star Plus is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 7:30PM. Saraswatichandra TV series replaces the timing of Khamoshiyan.

Saraswatichandra Cast:


Gautam Rode has played the character of Saraswatichandra in Saraswatichandra TV serial. Saraswatichandra is a modern yet traditional young man. He is a man with full of love, compassion and integrity. Saraswatichandra is the son of a rich businessman. Gautam Rode was last seen in Mata Ki Chowki, Nach Baliye 5 and Teri Meri Love Stories.

Kumud Sundari:

Jennifer Winget has played the character of Kumud Sundari in Saraswatichandra series. She is born in a middle class family. She resides in a small backward village of Gujarat. Kumud is an intelligent and sharp-witted girl in Saraswatichandra serial. Jennifer Winget was last seen in Dill Mill Gayye, Zor Ka Jhatka, Lux Perfect Bride and Laughter Ke Phatke.


Monica Bedi has played the character of Guman in Saraswatichandra on Star Plus. She is the step mother of Saraswati Chandra. Monica Bedi was last seen in Desi Girl, Bigg Boss 2 and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3.

Mehul Kajaria and Chetan Pandit are also leading casts of Saraswatichandra TV series. Sunny is also a leading character of Saraswatichandra TV serial.

Saraswatichandra Story:

Saraswatichandra is an epic of love based on the famous Gujarati novel – Saraswatichandra written by Govardhanram Madhavram Tripathi. The story focuses on the two Gujarati Brahmin families. After the death of Chandra mother’s – Saraswati, Lakshminandan remarries with Guman. She is a typical specimen.

On the other hand, Saraswatichandra and Kumudsundari are engaged to be married. Meanwhile, a misunderstanding happens and Saraswatichandra leaves Kumud in the lurch.

The whole story of Saraswatichandra TV series revolves around the novel. It talks about a love saga. It showcases the character of Saraswatichandra also who is an ideal son with high morality and culture.

Saraswatichandra story is set in the backdrop of Gujarati culture. Star Plus makes alive Saraswatichandra through its new series – Saraswatichandra.

Saraswatichandra First Episode:

First episode of Saraswatichandra on Star Plus begins with birth day celebration of Lakshminandan. He has been residing in UAE (Dubai) for last 15 years. He has a son – Saraswatichandra. Everyone has come to the party but Saraswatichandra is still not there.

Lakshminandan asks Guman about Saraswati Chandra. She calls to him but the phone is picked by Sunny. He describes the situation. Saraswati Chandra is seen in a lake praying to the God. He had been praying for his father’s birthday. He enters into the party wearing Dhoti. Seeing his dress, Lakshminandan gets shocked. He asks to change the dress.

As Saraswati Chandra participates in the party changing his dress, his father’s announced about the engagement of Saraswati Chandra. He gets surprised. Guman was also shocked. She never wanted to see him as a married person.

Now, Saraswatichandra on Star Plus moves to India. We watched a Gujarati family of Vidyachatur. He was the father of Kumud. Lakshminandan had chosen Kumud for his son. She was the expected bride of Saraswatichandra.

Kumud’s father tells about her marriage. But she doesn’t get ready. Will she accept Saraswatichandra as her husband? Watch Saraswatichandra on Star Plus to know more about it.

About Saraswatichandra TV Serial:

Saraswatichandra is a new love series on Star Plus based on the same name Gujarati novel written by Govardhanram Madhavram Tripathi. Saraswatichandra series is based on a poignant love story of two soul mates - Saras and Kumud. Whenever they try to move away from each other, life keeps bringing them together again in Saraswatichandra TV serial.

Love story of Saraswatichandra and Kumud goes through several ups and downs. Eventually, Kumud gets married to someone else in Saraswatichandra serial while Saras decides to take care of her family and fulfill duties as the man in her life.

Saraswatichandra on Star Plus is a classic tale of love; pride and prejudice of two people who were so close yet not close enough. It reminds those people who are so far from each other yet not far enough in heart.

Web premiere of Saraswatichandra on Star Plus was aired on Valentine's Day – 14th February, 2013. Saraswatichandra on Star Plus is the most talked topic among the people. First time, Sanjay Leela Bhansali brings Saraswatichandra TV serial on Star Plus as Mukammal Mohabbat Ki Adhuri Dastan.

Saraswatichandra on Star Plus is directed by Arvind Babbl. It is produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Screenplay, background scene, set design, storyline, music, editing and dialogue of Saraswatichandra serial are superb. Casts and characters of Saraswatichandra on Star Plus are also amazing. Viewers can watch Saraswatichandra on Star Plus every Monday to Friday at 7:30PM from 25th February, 2013 onwards.


Sreeja Natarajan said...

please dont make the story as kumud and saras seperates and get married to someone else ...dont make this to happen as it is in the novel ...make differently...please