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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Apradhi Kaun TV Show – Apradhi Kaun on Mahuaa TV – Bhojpuri Crime Show Premiered as Apradhi Kaun on Mahuaa TV

Apradhi Kaun is a new TV Show from crime genre starting from 1st February, 2013. Apradhi Kaun on Mahuaa TV is scheduled to air every Friday and Saturday at 7:30PM and 10:30PM. Apradhi Kaun is a new Bhojpuri crime Show on Mahuaa TV.

First Episode of Apradhi Kaun TV Serial:

First episode of Apradhi Kaun TV Show covers the murder case of Ramesh Singh, the coal Mafia of Dhanbad. It begins with a party at the house of MLA. The party was joined by Ramesh Singh and Bir Bahadur Singh. Both had some business confrontation. People had been celebrating the marriage of MLA’s son with their gun. In the mid, a bullet touches Ramesh Singh. He dies accidently.

Now, the case is handover to the Special Crime Branch in the first episode of Apradhi Kaun TV serial. Vijay Pratap, SP and Ashok Pandey, DSP of Apradhi Kaun takes the charge of the murder case in the first episode. They begin their investigation from the spot of murder. They collect some information from there and move to the house of Bir Bahadur Singh. The murder case seems accidental but investigation shows something else.

About Apradhi Kaun on Mahuaa TV:

Apradhi Kaun TV Show is very strong from its technical prospective. Apradhi Kaun on Mahuaa TV has been designed very interestingly keeping in the mind of other crime shows such as Crime Petrol Dastak, Savdhaan India, Shaitan a Criminal Mind and Adaalat.

Apradhi Kaun TV serial captures almost real location with investigation. It has impressive casts, story, background music and screenplay. Apradhi Kaun has chosen the best crime stories of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand.

Apradhi Kaun on Mahuaa TV is the most impressive Show to make the Channel more popular. Viewers can watch Apradhi Kaun TV serial on Mahuaa TV every Friday and Saturday from 1st February, 2013 onwards.