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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Semi Final of Superdude Season 2 on UTV Bindass Over and 4 Finalists Entered into the Grand Finale of Superdude 2

UTV Bindass celebrates semi final episode of Superdude Season 2 on January 12, 2013. There were total 6 contestants in the semi final of Superdude Season 2 on UTV Bindass. The episode is introduced by Madhura Naik. She asked contestants to come at Golden Gym.

Superdude Season 2 semi final opens with Tejeshwar, Abdullah, Paras Zutshi, Vinay, Parash Saluza and Akash. Ashmit Patel, Dude Guru of Superdude Season 2, came to the Gym with Sohail Khan. They asked some questions and learned a lot about the body building theory from Sohail Khan.

In the next scene of Superdude 2 semi final episode, Ashmit gave a task them to convince Sofia. They had to get a packet of popcorn flirting with her.

Finally, they had to learn Yoga. From there, Ashmit chooses 4 names for the grand finale of Superdude Season 2. In this round, Aakash and Paras Saluza are eliminated.

Tejeshwar Singh and Paras Zutshi are chosen for the grand finale of Superdude Season 2 in the semi final episode. Lastly, Vinay and Abdullah are also chosen to compete in Superdude Season 2 grand finale.

So, Superdude 2 grand finale will be celebrated on 19th January, 2013 at Saturday. Superdude Season 2 Semi Final episode ends with 4 top finalists - Tejeshwar, Abdullah, Paras Zutshi and Vinay.