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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Emotional Atyachar 4 – Emotional Atyachar Season 4 – UTV Bindass Brings Emotional Atyachar Season 4 with Shocking Moments as Emotional Atyachar 4: Nothing Will Shock You More

Emotional Atyachar Season 4 is the 4th Season of Emotional Atyachar. Emotional Atyachar 4 on UTV Bindass is premiered on January 26th 2013. Emotional Atyachar Season 4 is scheduled to air every Saturday at 7PM in India. It has gotten the vacant time slot of 7PM after Superdude Season 2.

Emotional Atyachar Season 4 Host:

Emotional Atyachar Season 4 host is Pravesh Rana. He was last seen in Bigg Boss Season 3, Chak Dhoom Dhoom and Chak Dhoom Dhoom 2. Once again, Pravesh Rana returns on UTV Bindass to host Emotional Atyachar 4. He is seen in the first episode of Emotional Atyachar Season 4.

Emotional Atyachar 4 Auditions:

Emotional Atyachar 4 auditions had been notified through UTV Bindass official channel and official website. People were informed for Emotional Atyachar Season 4 registration to participate in Emotional Atyachar 4 auditions.

People can obtain details about Emotional Atyachar 4 registrations from: bindass.com/ea4/index.php online. However, Emotional Atyachar Season 4 auditions and call details are updated at: www.bindass.com/ea4/tnc_ea4_cfe_17012013.pdf in PDF file.

Emotional Atyachar Season 4 Episode 1:

Emotional Atyachar Season 4 episode 1 brings a true story. It was the story of Goonj Chand. She belongs to Delhi. She came to the crew of Emotional Atyachar 4 to share her own story. She was not ready to reveal her partner’s name. So, host of the show – Pravesh Rana decides to call him – Mandeep (not real name).

Pravesh Rana started to ask about Goonj’s relationship with her in the 1st episode of Emotional Atyachar Season 4. There was everything perfect in Goonj’s life. Mandeep was friend of Goonj from her 7th standard. He proposed her in 9th standard.

There was a difference in their life when they entered into their college life. Several times, Mandeep tried to ignore Goonj’s phone calls. One day, she saw him with a girl. She was very shock. But her friend told her that she may be his just a friend.

One day, Goonj thought to go on long drive with Mandeep. But she saw a hair clip on the back seat of car and a packet of very unusual thing.

Emotional Atyachar Season 4 episode 1 moves with an investigation of Goonj. This time, Esha, friend of Goonj comes to her house. She was just like a sister for Goonj. She made a plan with Esha to test the loyalty of Mandeep.

Everything was perfect. Esha did as Goonj said. Mandeep got the certificate of loyalty passing her test. But she didn’t know that Esha was the new girl of Mandeep. After 2-3 years, Esha comes to Goonj house. That day, Goonj’s family had to go to the temple. But Esha denies coming with them. In the way, Goonj saw a car coming towards her house. It was Mandeep’s car. She thought to check it. She left her parents and returned her house. She saw Mandeep and Esha. They were very close. Now, she knows everything. It was their plan.

Now, Goonj thinks to take revenge. She went Mandeep’s house when Preeti, his fiancé was there. She told everything and broke the marriage. Goonj shared her true story in Emotional Atyachar Season 4 episode 1.

We watched shocking moment too in Emotional Atyachar Season 4 episode 1. Pravesh Rana gave us some tips also in Emotional Atyachar 4 episode 1.

About Emotional Atyachar Season 4:

Emotional Atyachar Season 4 returns on UTV Bindass, India’s No. 1 Youth Brand Channel. We already have watched Emotional Atyachar Season 2 and Emotional Atyachar Season 3. But Emotional Atyachar Season 4 is very different from all previous 3 seasons.

Emotional Atyachar 4 has much deep experiences than its previous all 3 seasons. It returns with shocking moments. Emotional Atyachar Season 4 on UTV Bindass has been promoted as “Nothing Will Shock You More”.

Emotional Atyachar Season 4 on UTV Bindass is premiered on the eve of republic day. It is the most favourite Show of youth and younger generations.

Emotional Atyachar Season 4 is a show based loyalty test. The Show is inspired by the most popular TV Show – Cheaters. Emotional Atyachar 4 tests the loyalty of relationship. It will showcase shocking moments of relationship.

Viewers can watch Emotional Atyachar Season 4 on UTV Bindass every Saturday at 7PM from 26th January, 2013 onwards. Emotional Atyachar 4 on UTV Bindass is produced by Endemol India.