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Monday, January 14, 2013

Amita Ka Amit Sony TV – Amita Ka Amit Serial – Sony TV Brings Amita Ka Amit a New Series Based on the Young Generations and Their Dreamy Life Partners

Amita Ka Amit is a new serial starting from January 14, 2013. Amita Ka Amit on Sony TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Thursday at 8:30PM. Amita Ka Amit takes the slot replacing Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage.
Amita Ka Amit Casts:


Chandni Bhagwanani has played the character of Amita in Amita Ka Amit Sony TV. She is an average looking girl. But she had a great dream about her perfect life partner.

Nayan Bhatt, Jagesh Mukati, Jyoti Gauba, Raksha Desai and Neha Saxena are also leading casts of Amita Ka Amit TV serial. Amita Ka Amit casts are very perfect in their role and story.

Amita Ka Amit Story:
Amita Ka Amit story touches the emotion and dream of every young guys and girls. Amita Ka Amit story is based on Amita who hopes to marry someday and live life happily like a fairy tale. But the dream really fulfills? What happens when Amita faces the reality?

Story of Amita Ka Amit tries to make a difference between illusion vs. reality. Amita Ka Amit Sony TV has tried to sketch a line between real life and reel life.

First Episode of Amita Ka Amit:

First episode of Amita Ka Amit begins with an average girl named Amita. She has great dream about her life partner. She is young. She feels the need of a dreamy life partner. In the mid, Amita meets Suraj in the first episode of Amita Ka Amit TV serial. She likes him.

Amita asks the number of Suraj from Atul. She thinks to call him. But she doesn’t dare to call him. Late night, Amita receives Suraj call. He asks her for coffee. It was just an amazing for her. She was so amazed.

About Amita Ka Amit:

Amita Ka Amit is a very new series with fresh story. The series is set against the backdrop of Gujarati family in Mumbai. Amita Ka Amit talks about a simple girl who has a dream of an extraordinary life partner and a picture perfect sasural.

Amita Ka Amit is produced by Swastik Pictures. Amita Ka Amit Sony TV has a fresh story to touch the emotion of young generations.

Background scene, dialogues, story, editing and music of Amita Ka Amit serial are superb. Viewers may watch Amita Ka Amit on Sony TV every Monday to Thursday at 8:30PM in India.