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Monday, November 26, 2012

Channel V The Serial – The Serial Channel V – Watch Channel V The Serial to Experience the Life of TV Stars

Channel V the Serial is a new serial starting from November 26, 2012. The Serial on Channel V is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 5:30 PM and 8 PM. You can watch the Serial on Channel V and experience the life journey of TV stars.

First Episode of Channel V The Serial:

First episode of Channel V The Serial begins with Rohan Shah. He is desirous to get a job in Humse Hai Life. He had prepared for an audition, so he goes to Bala Ji Production House. There, Rohan meets some other guys also. He meets Jitendra also.

People are planning to celebrate the birthday party of Karan Kundra. TV stars are invited there. We met Sarah Khan, Soumya Seth, Raj Singh Arora, Swati Semwal, Vikrant Mousey, Karan Arora and Pooja Gor also in the first episode of The Serial on Channel V.

We enjoyed the best party ever on the birthday of Karan Kundra. Karan Sah also get an entrance in the party with Abigail Jain. He was much nervous there. Karan and Kritika Kamra had some differences. So, she had come without his knowledge. As Karan knew about it, he scolded them.

Finally, the party begins. Sara Khan entrance was much effective. She draws attention of people and media towards her. At the moment, Rohan Shah thought to present his gift to Karan. He had prepared a CD on Karan and Kirtika’s best moment in the first episode of Channel V The Serial.

The CD is played by the music organizer. Now, Karan gets frustrated. Let’s watch more twist in the next episode of The Serial Channel V.

About Channel V The Serial: 

The Serial on Channel V is a very unique Show to showcase the life journey of TV stars. The Show promises to capture the real life sequences of TV stars. Their life, party, friends and fights will be captured by The Serial Show.

The Serial is really an appreciating Show to showcase the real life drama of TV stars but it is not at all real. The Serial is able to showcase the lifestyle of TV stars and celebrity but it is not the real Show.

The Serial has introduced a new series of drama in a very interesting way. So, viewers can watch The Serial on Channel every Monday to Friday at 5:30PM and 8PM in India.