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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Anamika Serial Sony TV – Anamika on Sony TV – Watch Sony TV Anamika New Serial to Experience a Love Story in the Shadow of Spirit

Anamika is a new TV serial on Sony Entertainment Television starting from 26th November, 2012. Anamika on Sony TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 8PM in India. Sony TV Anamika new serial revolves around a love story in the shadow of spiritual power.

Anamika Casts:

Jeet Saluja:

Mudit Nayyar has played the character of Jeet Saluja in Anamika serial Sony TV. He is the son of Mr. Saluja. He is fond of boxing. He is the good friend of Rano in Anamika on Sony TV.


Annie Gill has played the character of Rano in Sony TV Anamika serial. Annie Gill loves Jeet. She is a good friend of him.


Hemant Chadha has played the character of the Balraj in Anamika serial. He is the elder brother of Jeet. He keeps himself busy in his business work. Hemant Chadha was last seen in Dwarkadheesh Bhagwaan Shree Krishna.


Sonia Kaur has played the character of Jasleen in Anamika TV serial. She is the wife of Balraj. She always keeps herself busy in her beauty.

Kamaljeet Kaur as Bubbly and Simran Kaur as Chudail are also leading casts of Anamika Serial Sony TV. Puspa, Saluja Pratap, Monty and Guddi are also leading characters of Anamika on Sony TV.

Anamika Serial Story:

Anamika serial story brings the concept of myths which has been the main essence of India. We have always been lived in the shadow of Chudail. The myth of supernatural power and an unexplained legend which always connect our real world to the imaginary are introduced through Anamika serial Sony TV.

Story of Anamika on Sony TV talks about a love story which crosses with jealous and spiritual power. We watch the journey of Jeet and Rano who get married. In the happily married life, Anamika enters with her supernatural power. Will Rano be able to save Jeet from Anamika? Who is Anamika? Watch Anamika on Sony TV to full story.

First Episode of Anamika on Sony TV:

We watched Jeet in a foggy night at the highway of Mohali, Punjab with his car in the first episode of Anamika TV series on Sony TV. He checks his car opening the burnout of the car. Suddenly, he hears a sound of a girl sobbing in the eerie silence. He follows the sound and loses his bracelet.

The scene of first episode of Anamika series moves to the Chandigarh Railway station where Rano’s mother was leaving for the Vaishno Devi with Guddi. Rano had come to the Station to help them. Mr. Saluja calls Rano to ask about the train. He was to send a car to the Station to receive Rano. But Rano informed him that Jeet is coming to pick her.

Again, we watched the scene of Jeet in the first episode of Anamika serial on Sony TV. An old man comes there and helped him to repair his car. Finally, he picked her and returns the house. But the fight between Jeet and Rano was live in the house also for the lost of the Bracelet.

New Episode of Anamika Serial:

Jeet sees his Bracelet in the new episode of Anamika on Sony TV in the new episode while washing it. He was much socked. But he forgets it soon. Mr. Saluja thinks to talk about Rano’s marriage. We watched the Chudail in the new episode of Anamika when he returns from his Gym.   

About Sony TV Anamika Serial:

Anamika is a new serial on Sony Entertainment Television based on the love story with spiritual power. Casts of the serial are very perfect. Story is also well connected. Background score, music and make-up are very perfect.

Sony TV Anamika serial Glen Barretto and Ankush Mohla. It is produced by Vikas Seth and Mahesh Pandey. Viewers can watch Anamika on Sony TV every Monday to Friday at 8PM in India.