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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2612 TV Show – 2612 Show on Life OK – Watch An Anti-Terror Show 2612 on Life OK Based on Mumbai Terrorist Attack of 26/11

26-12 is not a date. It is the name of a Show named 2612 based on 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack. 2612 Show on Life OK was premiered on November 26, 2012. There is an ultimate anti-terror Show named 2612 on Life OK scheduled every Monday to Friday at 9PM in India.

2612 Show Format:

2612 on Life Ok is a fictional Show that revolves around the planning of a terror plot to attack on India. Story of 26-12 revolves around Shahana, wife of a terrorist – Samir Malik and Rashmi, a simple girl. The story of 2612 follows the dutiful steps of Randeep also.

New Episode of 2612 on Life Ok:

In the first episode of 2612, we had watched a plot of terrorist attack created by Samir Malik bigger than 26/11. We had watched some footage of 26/11 Mumbai attack also done by some terrorists in 2008. Samir Mallik made a plan for 2612. In the mid, NSG attacks on him and kills them. Samir Maillik escapes anyhow. However, Chadda has also saved himself during the mission.

We watched Samir Malik in USA. He knew that Santanu Sardesai, an Indian origin scientist has developed a button bomb. It was an atomic bomb. Santanu Sardesai had been living in London with his daughter – Suchi. He had no good relation with his wife – Ritika.

Samir made a plan to kidnap Santanu daughters and his wife. He got succeed. He replaces his wife from a stranger. Now, he demands for the Microbomb for his daughter. On the other hand, Chadda returns with revenge in the gang of Samir. He made a plan to kill him. So, he informs Randip, Mumbai Police about it.

In the next scene of 2612, Samir Malik is killed by Randip on the airport. Now, the command comes in the hand of Chadda.

In the new episode of 2612 on Life Ok, Shahana makes a plan to fulfill Malik’s dream. She returns to the India. Now, she has to do everything on the plan of Samir. Watch new episodes of 2612 on Life Ok to experience the thrilling suspense.

About 2612 Show on Life OK:

2612 is an anti-terror Show on Life Ok. The Show has a very good and thrilling concept with suspense about terrorist attack bigger than 26/11.

Life Ok has promoted the Show very enthusiastically. We also appreciate 2612 Show for its good concept, cinematography, editing, storyline and format.

So, viewers can watch a thrilling anti-terror 26/12 attack with suspense. So, you can watch 2612 on Life Ok every Monday to Friday at 9PM in India.