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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Superdude Season 2 – Superdude Season 2 on UTV Bindass – Watch Bindass Superdude Season 2 to Become India’s No. 1 Superdude from a Dude

Bindass Superdude 2 is the second season of Superstud on UTV Bindass staring from October 27, 2012. Superdude Season 2 on UTV Bindass is scheduled to air every Saturday at 7PM in India. You can watch Bindass Superdude Season 2 to become India’s no. 1 Superdude from a Dude.

Bindass Superdude 2 Host:

Superdude Season 2 Show host is Madhura Naik. She is an Indian actress, model and singer. Now, she is back in Superdude 2 as a host.

Superdude 2 Guru:

Superdude Season 2 Guru is Ashmit Patel. He was seen in the first season of the Show also. Once again, Ashmit Patel is back as the guru of Superdude 2 on Bindss TV. This time, Sofiya Hayat is also back to help Ashmit Patel in Superdude Season 2.

First Episode of Bindass Superdude 2:

We watched the audition of Delhi in the first episode of Bindass Superdude 2. Nishant Malik, Umesh, Paros, Lokmani, Abdullah and Vinay are chosen for Superdude Mansion from Delhi audition. We watched the special appearance of Neha Dhupia also in the first episode of Superdude 2 on Bindass TV.

We learn the way of impressing women through the audition of Superdude in the first episode. Auditions of Chandigarh and Mumbai are yet to be happened in the next episode of Superdude Season 2 on Bindass TV.

About Superdude 2:

Superdude Season 2 contestants are yet to be revealed. Contestants of Superdude 2 are asked to go through registration area and holding area.

They have to cross through a tape of opportunity to face Ashmit Patel and Sofia for the audition of Superdude Season 2.

Bindass Superdude Season 2 is the most appreciating Show. It is the Show of youth and youngsters. You may watch Superdude Season 2 on UTV Bindass every Saturday at 7PM in India.