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Monday, October 29, 2012

Qubool Hai – Qubool Hai on ZEE TV – A Youth Oriented New Social Drama of Muslim Community Introduced by Qubool Hai TV Serial on ZEE TV

Qubool Hai is a new TV series on ZEE TV starting from 29th October, 2012. Qubool Hai on ZEE TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM. Qubool Hai brings a new aspect of youth oriented social drama of Muslim community.

Qubool Hai Casts:


Surbhi Jyoti has played the character of Zoya in Qubool Hai TV serial. Surbhi Jyoti is the newcomer in Qubool Hai on ZEE TV.


Karan Singh Grover has played the character of Asad in Qubool Hai. Karan Singh Grover was last seen in Dill Mill Gayye and Teri Meri Love Stories.


Rishabh Sinha has played the character of Aayan in Qubool Hai on ZEE TV. Rishabh Sinha was last seen in Splitsvilla 5.

Shalini Kapoor, Tej Sapru, Waqar Sheikh and Shabnam Sayed are leading casts of Qubool Hai TV serial. Qubool Hai casts are very perfect in their character and situation of story.

Qubool Hai Story:

Qubool Hai story revolves around three leading casts – Zoya, Aayan and Asad. They are starkly different from each other. Zoya had been living in the USA. She has a modern, vibrant, new-age thought. She listens to all but does what her heart says. Zoya knows respecting the culture but doesn’t agree to follow rituals blindly in Qabool Hai.

On the other hand, Aayan is a happy-go-lucky boy without caring the world’s thought. He is a Superdude in Qabool Hai TV serial.

Last one leading character of Qubool Hai is Asad. He is the perfectionist. He wants to successful. Karan Singh Grover has been the most embracing character on small television. Now, he returns as Asad in the lead role in Qubool Hai on ZEE TV.

Qubool Hai story follows the concept of family saga in Muslim community that will cut across generations. Qubool Hai talks about the most significant and so rich culture. But yet the culture is misunderstood by the most.

Story of Qubool Hai has been filmed in happy, cheerful and lively environment that redefine the distinction between modernity and traditionalism. Qubool Hai story sketches the journey of life, its ritual and tribulations.

First Episode of Qubool Hai:

Zoya is seen praying the God in the first episode of Qubool Hai. She talks about her marriage. She was not ready for the Nikah. She had been living in the USA. She has returned to her sister house in India. Here, she faces the most unacceptable changes of her life.

On the other hand, a marriage celebration is also going on in the house of Rashid. Nikhat is very confused and scared about her marriage in the first episode of Qubool Hai TV serial. But Aayan comes and helps her. He sings a song and encourages her. Aayan is a happy-go-lucky guy. He flirts with girls. Nikhat is to get engaged with Imran.

In the next scene of Qubool Hai on ZEE TV, we watched Nikah of Zoya and Akram where Zoya doesn’t Qubool the marriage. She leaves the house.

The next scene of Qubool Hai moves to Asad. He is seen singing a song with some blind guys. It was the most approaching song. It was the scene where Zoya, Aayan and Asad are to meet.

About Qubool Hai:

Qubool Hai is the first ever social drama which is aim to change the perception of Muslim women in the contemporary time through the eyes of Zoya, Aayan and Asad. The series has tried to highlight Zoya’s modern sense of fashion and style also.

Qubool Hai on ZEE TV tries to remove the certain misconceptions also that people have about Muslim culture. Qubool Hai series has been introduced as the mixture of social drama and romance.

Qubool Hai serial is produced by Gul Khan of Four Lions Production and co-produced by Divine Multimedia. It is directed by Gul Khan and Arshad Khan.

Viewers can watch Qubool Hai serial on ZEE TV every Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM to watch the journey of Zoya, Asad and Aayan’s life.