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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Live My Life 2 – UTVStars Live My Life 2 – Preity Zinta Came in Live My Life Season 2 on UTV Stars

Live My Life 2 is the second season of Live My Life starting from 21st October, 2012. Live My Life 2 on UTV Stars is scheduled to air every Sunday at 7PM in India. UTVStars Live My Life 2 is a dream Show of fans to live their stars’ life.

Live My Life 2 Host:

Shamoly Khera is the host of Live My Life 2. She was seen in the last season also. Once again, she is back on UTV Stars to host Live My Life Season 2.

Second Episode of Live My Life 2:

Preity Zinta was the stars of second episode of UTVStars Live My Life 2. She chooses a diehard fan from the list of fans. He was non-other than Mandeep Singh Chadda. He had been living in Delhi.

Mandeep is informed by Shamoly Khera, host of the Live My Life Season 2 on UTV Stars that he has been selected for the Show to live his dream life with his fan - Preity Zinta.

Mandeep feels the height of excitement. He prepared himself to leave for Mumbai. He bought some gifts for Preity Zinta and her friends.

Mandeep is welcomed in a grand hotel. He sees a grand hotel. He got a grand bedroom to stay. He is welcomed by a green tea and Aaloo Paratha. After having breakfast, he left for the fitness training. He learnt some basic way of fitness and diets. These were the routing of Preity Zinta and Mandeep had been living her life.

Now, it was time to meet Preity’s friend – Danish. He tried to know more about Preity’s meeting Danish. He played a game also with him.

In the next scene, he had met with Abhishek Nayar, a player of Kings XI Punjab. He enjoyed cricket there and knew about Preity’s approach towards the game.  

Finally, the time comes for the launch. Mandeep meets Prem Raj, director of Ishkq in Paris at the launch table. He knew about the film and role of Preity.

At the photo shoot with Daboo, suddenly Preity comes there. Mandeep gets surprised seeing her. He was much excited ever. Now, it was the time to live a life of star with a star.

So, Mandeep offered her a lot of gift. She enjoys the little things. She told him about her life. Living life as a star with Preity was the most exciting for Mandeep in the second episode of Live My Life 2 on UTV Stars.

About Live My Life Season 2:

Live My Life Season 2 returns on UTV Stars with the same concept of season 1. A fan is chosen by a star to experience their life and enter into the glamour world.

UTVStars Live My Life 2 is scheduled for 10 episodes. First episode of Life My Life 2 was featured with Hrithik Roshan. Live My Life Season 2 has been promoted as the “dream-come-true” show.

Viewers can watch Live My Life 2 on UTV Stars every Sunday at 7PM to experience the life of a star and glamour world.