Arjun on Star Plus – Arjun TV Serial – Arjun Todega Har Gunah Ka Chakravyuh in a New Serial Arjun on Star Plus

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Arjun on Star PlusArjun on Star Plus is a new serial on Star Plus. Arjun TV serial was premiered on 11th August, 2012. It is scheduled to air every Saturday and Sunday at 8PM in India. Will Arjun Todega Har Gunah Ka Chakravyuh through a new serial – Arjun on Star Plus?

Arjun Casts:

Arjun Suryakant Raute:

Arjun is the protagonist of Arjun TV serial. He is a good looking and tough cop. Arjun has a brilliant analytical skill to solve a case. His life has been completely changed from brutal murder of his wife right before his eyes.

Sameer Rathod:

Sameer is the head of ETF in Arjun on Star Plus. He is a very strict and authoritative cop. Sameer is a highly efficient and committed cop in Arjun TV serial.


Riya is also a cop in Arjun on Star Plus. She is a charming and confident cop. She is trained with martial art.


Shreekant is a gadget freak guy in Arjun serial. He has master mind to hack computers. He is expert in tapping phone lines and hacking account.

Chandrakant Patil:

Chandrakant Patil aka Chhotu is the muscleman in Arjun TV series. He is a soft hearted and compassionate cop in Arjun series.

Third Episode of Arjun on Star Plus:

Third episode of Arjun on Star Plus was based on the death mystery of a famous doctor. The doctor dies mysteriously during his wedding. Reason of the death is traced – allergic reaction.

Now, the investigation begins. ETF takes the responsibility to solve the case. During the investigation, many big names come in light. He realized that doctors are involved in the sale of human organs. The case takes a new turn.

Finally, Arjun gets a clue to catch the culprits. He prepared a tap. In the end of third episode of Arjun on Star Plus, a lady doctor is captured.

About Arjun on Star Plus:

Arjun on Star Plus is a crime investigation Show. The Show has been filmed brilliantly like CID. Arjun on Star Plus can be watched every Saturday and Sunday at 8PM in India.


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