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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

V The Buddy Project – Channel V The Buddy Project – A New Youth Show Introduced by Channel V: The Buddy Project

Channel V The Buddy ProjectV the Buddy Project is a new youth Show on Channel V starting from July 23. Channel V the Buddy Project is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 6PM. There is a new youth Show on Channel V named the Buddy Project from July 23.

Story of Channel V The Buddy Project:

Story of Channel V the Buddy Project revolves around Royal Academy. It is the prestigious school. It is looking to retain its lost glory. Students of the Royal Academy are energetic but reckless without a force to guide them.

Principal of the Royal Academy – Ramanujam plans to bring back the best of alumni to guide the students. To know about the good plan, you must watch [V] the Buddy Project.

Second Episode of V The Buddy Project:

For the indiscipline behavior of students, a meeting of board is held in the Royal Academy. Prof. Ramanujam gets an ultimatum to bring the students back in the row of discipline. However, students do not see any space to obey the rule of the Royal Academy.

Three students are called as culprit of the in-disciplinary behavior in the principle room. But three other students save them. It was really socking for Ramanujam.

About The Buddy Project:

The Buddy Project TV Show is set in the backdrop of Royal Academy, a prestigious school. It is based on the character of 8 rebellious students and journey of their life. Fahad Ali, Bharti Kumar, Palak Jain, Cheshta Bhagat, Kunal Kulbhushan Jaisingh, Nikhil Mehta, Jatin Sharma and Krishna Patel are leading casts of V the Buddy Project.

Manav Gohil is seen as the Anirudh Jaitley in the Buddy Project on Channel V. The story is directly connected to the youth. The Buddy Project tries to explores the trouble of the new generation also and their life style.

The Buddy Project on Channel V is produced by Sunshine Production. You may watch V the Buddy Project every Monday to Friday at 6PM in India.