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Thursday, February 9, 2017

MTV Rush India – MTV Rush – MTV India Brings Rush a New Show about College Guys

MTV Rush IndiaMTV Rush India is a new dramatic short film based on youth. MTV Rush is premiered on July 15 at 7PM in India. MTV India brings – Rush, a very new Show about college guys based on 48 hours of their life. Now, the Show goes off air.

First Episode of MTV Rush:

First episode of MTV Rush is based on the story of Aahan. He loves his brother much. It was the day of October 27. Ayush introduces his girl friend – Sarah on his birth day.

Sarah was a beautiful girl. Aahan falls in love with her. Aahan wants to keep himself away from her. But he was not able to control himself.

On November 27, the matter came out. Ayush was much angered. He cut his nerve. There was nothing between Ayush and Aahan now. Aahan realizes his mistakes now.

Ahan too leaves Sarah. She decides to go Australia. Someone calls Aahan to tell about it. Ayush suggests Aahan to meet her once.

Now, Aahan goes to meet Sarah in college a festival in the first episode of MTV Rush India. He meets a drug dealer there.

Aahan wanted to talk Sarah. But she refuses telling him that there is nothing in her heart for him. That was only mistake not love.

Now, Aahan takes drug and drive his car. He meets a Baba on the way. The Baba suggests him to burn his car. He does so.

First episode of MTV Rush was the story of Aahan’s mistake. It was the story of his 48 hours. Everything changes in his life in just 48 hours.

About MTV Rush India:

MTV Rush is based on the 12 stories of 12 people. It is the story of 48 hours of their life. It is the story after college life. MTV Rush is created and directed by Bejoy Nambiar.

You can watch MTV Rush Bejoy Nambiar in India every Sunday at 7 PM. It is the lesson oriented story of new generations.