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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Laugh India Laugh – Laugh India Laugh on Life Ok – The Great Comedians are Back with Laugh India Laugh

Laugh India Laugh on Life OkLaugh India Laugh is a new Comedy Show on Life Ok starting from 15th July, 2012. Laugh India Laugh on Life Ok is scheduled to air every night at 10:30PM in India. You will watch great comedians of India and Pakistan through Laugh India Laugh.

Laugh India Laugh Judges:

Laugh India Laugh judges are Shekhar Suman and Chunkey Pandey. You will watch Mikka Singh also for a week as special guest judge in Laugh India Laugh on Life Ok.

Laugh India Laugh Host:

Laugh India Laugh host is Ishita Sarkar. She is seen in the first episode of Laugh India Laugh on Life Ok as the host.

Laugh India Laugh Contestants:

  1. Akhtar Hindustani
  2. Amit Sharma
  3. Ashok Nagar
  4. Ayaz Samoo
  5. Chirag Jain
  6. Chirag Wadhwani
  7. Dinesh Bawara
  8. Dr. Sanket Bhosle
  9. Kainaat Chouhan
  10. Kesar Dev
  11. KT
  12. Laxman Nepali
  13. Manoj Gujjar
  14. Naseem Vicky
  15. Nitesh Gupta
  16. Rahul Rajasthani
  17. Rajiv Gold
  18. Sardar Kamaal and Badar Khan
  19. Sumedh Shinde
  20. Sunil Vyas
  21. Surindar Angural
  22. Tahir Ali

There are 22 comedians to make us laugh in Laugh India Laugh. The stand-up comedians will compete with each other to get the title of Laugh India Laugh on Life Ok.

First Episode of Laugh India Laugh:

First episode of Laugh India Laugh begins with a grand welcome of Shekhar Suman and Chunkey Pandey, judges of the Show. Ishita Sarkar, host of the Show, welcomes Mikka Singh, a special judge for the week.

Contestants are introduced with a theme song of Laugh India Laugh. Grand opening of first episode of Laugh India Laugh is led by Raju Shrivastav. He made us laugh with his great comical observation.

We watched mimicry of Chirag Vadhwani and Dr. Sanket Bhosle also in the first episode of Laugh India Laugh. I was much impressed with Sanket Bhosle. He did a great job and made us laugh.

About Laugh India Laugh:

Laugh India Laugh is a very new Show on Life Ok with the concept of ‘clean comedy’. There are 22 stand-up comedians from India and Pakistan. They are to compete with their comical approach to make us laugh.

Laugh India Laugh is introduced by Endemol. Grand premiere of Laugh India Laugh was scheduled on July 15. You may vote your favourite contestants by getting details from: www.lifeok.com/laughindialaugh. So, viewers can watch Laugh India Laugh Show with their family every night at 10:30 PM on Life Ok.