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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bindass Fearless – UTV Bindass Fearless – Friends Karenge Fear Ka 'The End' on Bindass Fearless

UTV Bindass FearlessBindass Fearless is a new daring Show on UTV Bindass starting from 7th July, 2012. UTV Bindass Fearless is scheduled to air every Saturday at 7PM in India. You will watch a very unique Show where “Friends Karenge Fear Ka 'The End'” on Bindass Fearless.

Bindass Fearless Host:

Bindass Fearless host is Varun Mitra. He is seen in the first and second episode of UTV Bindass Fearless. He instructs about the rules and supports the contestants of Bindass Fearless TV Show.

Second Episode of UTV Bindass Fearless:

First episode of Bindass Fearless was based on Jay Bhanusali where he overcomes on his fear of fire. Second episode of UTV Bindass Fearless was based on Anil Dukkipatty. He is scared of confined and closed places.

He never uses lift. He doesn’t want to pass a narrow road. So, he comes to overcome on his fear of confined places.

He comes on Bindass Fearless with his 3 friends – Darshan Sharma, Dipesh and Sahil Kathpal. Now, he had to cross 4 levels to overcome on his fear.

First level is designed to check Anil’s fear intensity. He is locked in a closed room without telling him about it. He was much scared.

He is to use a lift in the second level of Bindass Fearless. He had to on 5th floor from 2nd floor in this task. It was really tough for him.

Anil had to cross a tunnel in the level 3. He was so scared after the task. Finally, he refused to do task of final level. But his friends convinced him. So, he got ready to do the task.

He had to perform level 4 in a coffin. He was to bury now. But it was the task of his friends. He was buried in a coffin. His friends had to help him. The task is also completed by Anil and he won the title of Bindass Fearless.

About Bindass Fearless:

UTV Bindass Fearless is a very unique reality Show of youth where contestants overcome on his fear through tasks.

Bindass Fearless is promoted as “Friends Karenge Fear Ka 'The End'”. You may watch Fearless on Bindass TV every Saturday at 7PM in India.