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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Splitsvilla 5 – MTV Splitsvilla 5 – Watch Splitsvilla Season 5 on MTV as Love Gone Wild

MTV Splitsvilla 5
Splitsvilla 5 is the fifth Season of Splitsvilla starting from 1st April, 2012. MTV Splitsvilla 5 is scheduled to air every Sunday at 7PM in India. You can watch Splitsvilla Season 5 on MTV India as “Love Gone Wild”.

Splitsvilla Season 5 Host:

Splitsvilla Season 5 host is Nikhil Chinappa. He is an Indian RJ and VJ. He is the popular presenter on MTV India. Nikhil Chinappa was last seen in India's Got Talent, MTV Rock On and Splitsvilla 3. Once again, he is back as the host of Splitsvilla Season 5 on MTV.

Splitsvilla 5 Contestants:

Splitsvilla 5 Girls:

  1. Akanksha
  2. Aviskha
  3. Jasmine
  4. Mandy
  5. Rupa
  6. Shivangini
  7. Swati
  8. Tanseem
  9. Vidushi

There are 5 girls in Splitsvilla 5 on MTV.

MTV Splitsvilla 5 Boys:

  1. Ali
  2. Nikhil
  3. Nitin
  4. Paras
  5. Rishabh
  6. Risipal
  7. Saif
  8. Sikander
  9. Vroon

There are 9 boys in MTV Splitsvilla 5. There are total 18 contestants in Splitsvilla 5 on MTV India.

First Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 5:

First episode of MTV Splitsvilla 5 is introduced by the host of the Show - Nikhil Chinappa. He asked for a dance performance where girls are voted by boys and boys are voted by girls. From the task, 4 toppers are chosen – Mandy, Shivangini, Vroon and Rishabh. They are asked to perform a final task for the title of Queen and King.

The task is won by Shivangini and Vroon. From the worst performers – Rishi and Avishkha are eliminated from the first episode of Splitsvilla 5.

About MTV Splitsvilla 5:

MTV Splitsvilla 5 is based on raw, edgy and wild side of love. Splitsvilla 5 is introduced as “Love Gone Wild”. There will be some tasks, game, planning, plotting and politics each week. Bottom two contestants will be eliminated from the Show each week.

Winner of Splitsvilla 5 will be announced in the grand finale episode. Splitsvilla 5 on MTV is located in the beautiful backdrop of Kumaons and the Jim Corbett Park. It is the best Show on MTV India like Roadies 9.