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Saturday, April 14, 2012

MTV Sound Trippin – Sound Trippin TV Show – Sneha Khanwalkar Introduces Sound Trippin on MTV India to Make Musical Songs Collecting Sounds

MTV Sound Trippin
MTV Sound Trippin is a very creative and aspiring Show to create music from sound traveling the cities of India. Sound Trippin TV Show goes on air from 14th April, 2012. It is scheduled to air every Saturday at 8:30 PM in India on MTV. Sound Trippin on MTV is introduced by Sneha Khanwalkar. She travels various cities in India and collects sound to create songs.

MTV Sound Trippin Host:

MTV Sound Trippin host is Sneha Khanwalkar. She is a music director of Bollywood and sound collector. She is the composer of Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!, LSD and many other Hindi films. Now, she is back on MTV India to host Sound Trippin Show.

First Episode of Sound Trippin:

Sneha Khanwalkar travels across northern part of India in the first episode of MTV Sound Trippin. She goes to Qila Raipur, Punjab. She reaches to the sport stadium of Qila Raipur and collects various types of sounds such as grinder, sound box, group sound, tractor’s engine, sports sound, commentator’s voice, bike sound, horse riding sound, bat making factory’s sound, machines’ sounds etc.

She reaches Jalandhar also in the first episode of Sound Trippin. She collects various sounds in 3 days of Sound Trippin. She meets Gulsham Meher, Sultana and Joyti. She asks them to sing a song. She makes lyrics also. She records their songs.

Finally, Sneha Khanwalkar creates a pure music with the help of her music team in the first episode of MTV Sound Trippin. She revealed the song on the 4th day of her traveling. It was Punjabi-mixed song created by various types of sounds. It was superb song inspired by fast-track Punjabis’ daily chores.

Viewers will watch Sneha Khanwalkar in Banaras in the next episode of Sound Trippin on MTV. She will explore some other sounds to create another song in the next episode of Sound Trippin TV Show.

About Sound Trippin on MTV:

Sound Trippin on MTV is a path-breaking musical Show. You can learn, think and experience the way of creating music and songs. Sound Trippin is based on the 10 cities and 10 unique songs.

Sneha Khanwalkar will travel 10 unique cities and create 10 superb songs. Sound Tripping is an experimental Show and a journey from sound to song on MTV India after Coke Studio and MTV Unplugged.

Sneha Khanwalkar creates a song named “Tung Tung…” in Qila Raipur in the first episode of MTV Sound Trippin. The Show has creative and traveling format about musical experience like The Dewarists. You can watch Sound Trippin on MTV every Saturday at 8:30 PM.