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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sach Ka Samna Phirse Hoga – Sach Ka Samna 2 on Life Ok Returns as Phirse Hoga Sach Ka Samna

Sach Ka Samna Phirse Hoga
Sach Ka Samna Phirse Hoga brings new episodes to the viewers. It begins from 18th March, 2012. It is being aired as Sach Ka Samna 2. But it comes after a long gap. Sach Ka Saamna Season 2 was premiered on 18th December, 2011. Now, Sach Ka Samna returns on Life Ok as Phirse Hoga Sach Ka Samna. It premiered on 18th March, 2012.

We faced the truth of Ali Merchant in the first episode of Sach Ka Samna Phirse Hoga on Life Ok. He participates in the Show with his mother – Salma and friends – Gaurav, Vikash etc. Ali Merchant is a television actor and businessman. He had participated in Bigg Boss 4 also.

Rajiv Khandelwal again returns as the host of the Show. Rajiv Khandelwal returns with more personal questions. Contestants have to reveal very secret aspect of their life participating in Sach Ka Samna Phirse Hoga.

Ali Merchant accepted very non-sharing truth (do you have black money, did you get money to get married on national television, have you ever cheated your friends etc.) of his life on the Show. He won total Rs. 10 lakh participating on the Show.

There are total 21 questions and 6 stages for Rs. 1 crore. First and third stage is secured stage. First stage has 6 questions for Rs. 2 lakh, 2nd stage has 5 questions for Rs. 5 lakh, 3rd stage has 4 questions for Rs. 10 lakh, 4th stage has 3 questions for Rs. 25 lakh, 5th stage has 2 questions for Rs. 50 lakh and 6th stage has only one question for Rs. 1 crore.

Sach Ka Samna Phirse Hoga on Life Ok has been shifted to 11PM. It is not named as Sach Ka Samna Season 3. It is the remaining part of Sach Ka Samna Season 2. There are very unethical questions. Contestants reveal those truths which are not shared by people to anyone in their real life.