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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Road Diaries – Road Diaries on UTV Bindass – Watch a New Journey Show: Road Diaries on UTV Bindass

Road Diaries on UTV Bindass
Road Diaries is a new journey Show on Bindass TV starting from 10th March, 2012. Road Diaries on UTV Bindass is scheduled to air every Saturday at 9PM in India. You can watch a new reality TV Show based on the format of traveling through Road Diaries on UTV Bindass.

Road Diaries Host:

Road Diaries host is Arjun Bijlani. He is a well known television actor. He was last seen in Miley Jab Hum Tum and Pardes Mein Mila Koi Apna. Now, he is back on UTV Bindass to host Road Diaries TV Show.

Road Diaries Contestants:

Nirmika Singh


Nikita Yadav


Sunny Sharma

There are 5 contestants in Road Diaries on UTV Bindass. They are chosen in a systematic contest process from the country.

First Episode of Road Diaries:

First episode of Road Diaries begins with an introduction of all 5 contestants. Host of the Show - Arjun Bijlani describes the format of the Show. The Show is based on a time cycle. Contestants of the Show have to travel on a pre-decided route. Their journey begins from the sunrise to sunset. Contestants had to reach their destination before the sunset.

We watched the wish list also of the contestants. They have to fulfill their wish list through the task and journey. The contestant, fulfill his/her maximum wish list, will be declared winner of Road Diaries. Contestants of the Show get a car featured with a bicycle. Road Diaries winner can approve other contestants to fulfill their wish.

Journey of contestants begin from Mumbai to Daman in the first episode of Road Diaries on UTV Bindass. They get a Dell Inspiron laptop with 5 user IDs and 1 common user ID. They can see their route to reach there.

They had to reach at Moti Daman Jetty to meet fisherman. They reach there and meet some fishermen who bind their eyes. They are sent on an island to perform a task. They had to search a coconut to find the keys.

There were two boats with different colour flags. Contestants had to follow the color of their flag throughout the task in the first episode of Road Diaries.

After the task, they are left on a road. They had to take an auto now to reach at Dubai Market. They meet Rajan there to get next clue. Now, they had to reach at BOM Jesus Church. They get another clue to reach at Light House. Avneet became winner of Road Diaries in the first episode. Now, he gets two routes to travel in the next episode of Road Diaries on UTV Bindass.

About Road Diaries:

Road Diaries Show is based on the format of 5 travelers. They get a special SUV with special Dell Inspiron Laptops. The laptop navigates their way. They can upload photos, videos, content and memories of their lifetime.

Contestants participate in Dell Inspiron Road Diaries to fulfill their wish list. The Show gives a new dimension to the world travel. Everyday contestants begin a new journey performing tasks from the sunrise to sunset.

5 strangers will discover themselves throughout the Show. Road Diaries will cover the area of Himalayas at the Indo-Tibet border also during the journey. It is sponsored by Dell Inspiron laptop and introduced by Nirvaan Entertainment. You can watch Dell Inspiron Road Diaries on UTV Bindass every Saturday at 9 PM in India.