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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Missing TV Series – Missing on Star World – Watch Missing TV Show on Star World in India before the World

Missing on Star World
Missing is a new American drama TV series starting from 11th March, 2012. Missing on Star World is scheduled to air every Sunday at 9PM in India. You can watch Missing TV Show on Star World in India before the world.

Missing Casts:

Rebecca Winston:

Ashley Judd has played the character of Rebecca Winston in Missing. She is a former CIA agent. She is the mother of Michael.

Michael Winston:

Nick Eversman has played the character of Michael Winston in Missing TV series. He is a student of Architecture Studies and son of Rebecca Winston. He goes in Rome to complete his study. But he missed from there.

Agent Dex Miller:

Cliff Curtis has played the character of Dex Miller in Missing series. He is a Deputy Chief in CIA. He investigates the case of Rebecca and Michael.

Paul Winston:

Sean Bean has played the character of Paul Winston in Missing TV serial. He was the husband of Rebecca Winston and father of Michael Winston.

Giancarlo Rossi:

Adriano Giannini has played the character of Giancarlo Rossi in Missing serial. He helps Rebecca Winston in Rome to search her son.


Aunjanue Ellis has played the character of Mary in Missing TV Show. She is the friend of Rebecca Winston. She has a flower shop.

Laura Donnelly as Violet Heath, Jessica Boone as Rabia and Caleb Smith as Young Michael Winston are also leading casts of Missing Show. Missing casts are very perfect in their role and story.

Story of Missing TV Series:

Story of Missing TV series is based on Rebecca Winston. She lost her husband in a bomb blast. She was a secret CIA agent. Now, she resides with her son - Michael Winston. Her son goes in Rome to complete his study. But he is kidnapped there.

Now, Missing story captures the process to find Michael by Rebecca in a series. Missing story shows the emotion of a mother. It explores the finest moment of love between a mother and a son.

First Episode of Missing on Star World:

First episode of Missing on Star World begins with a morning walk of Rebecca. It was her daily routine. Her husband - Paul is seen in Vienna with Michael. He makes a call to Rebecca. He informs to meet her very soon. Paul gives the phone to Michael to talk Rebecca. Michael had missed his ball inside. He runs to bring back there. On the other hand, as Paul starts the car, it blasts.

Now, the first episode of Missing TV series takes a leap of 10 years. Michael was a man now. He had gotten an opportunity in Rome to make his career in Architecture Studies. He makes his mother ready for it. He asks that he can protect himself but her mother was not ready to leave him alone.

Now, Michael was seen in Rome in the first episode of Missing on Star World. He makes a video call to her mother and shows the scenes where he lives. Both shares love every day. Life was very smooth. Suddenly, Michael stopped calling Rebecca. She waits for a week. Now, she was much stressed. She shares her matter with Mary. One day, Rebecca receives a call from the study centre of Michael that he doesn’t attend his classes.

It was time to leave for Rome for Rebecca in the first episode of Missing on Star World. She starts her investigation. She matches the photos of video call. She enters into the room. But soon she gets a company there. A man enters with a gun. We watched some great action between the man and Rebecca. Finally, he is killed by Rebecca. She gets Michael’s mobile there and a photo of his girl friend. The girl was working in a club.

Now, the murder case goes in the hand of Dex Miller. He investigates about Rebecca and his family. He asked his team to arrest Rebecca before his coffee gets cold in the first episode of Missing series.

On the other hand, Rebecca reaches in the club and makes a call to the girl. She asks some questions to her. She tells about AC Millane. As Rebecca leaves the club, two men with guns attack on her. She also replied them.

Once again, a great action begins on a Scooter and bikes in Missing TV Show. Both gets failed to get Rebecca. As she returns to the club, she finds the girl as dead.

Finally, she makes a call to Giancarlo Rossi. She asks him to help her. He was her old friend. He promises to search her son.

In the next scene of Missing Show, Rebecca was watching photos of her son in a mobile. Suddenly, she sees a CCTV camera behind him. She runs towards the shop and finds the clue of kidnapping of Michael.

On the other hand, Agent Miller gets the video of his kidnapping. But Rebecca was faster than his team. She reaches there and finds some more clues about his son. Someone has been looking him from his childhood. She is arrested by Miller in a sequence but he let her go. In the end of the episode, Rebecca is shot by someone in Missing TV series. First episode of Missing series is directed by Stephen Shill and written by Gregory Poirier.

About Missing TV Show:

Missing is the first ever Hollywood Show which is premiered in India before the US. It is premiered in India on 11th March, 2012. Missing is scheduled to premiere in the United States on 15th March, 2012.

First time, Star World brings a new Show named Missing in India prior to its launch in the US. It is an exclusive opportunity for Indian viewers to watch the biggest Hollywood Show before its global launch. Missing is an internationally acclaimed the biggest espionage dramas of 2012.

Missing explores the new dimension of emotion between a mother and a son. It is action-mystery drama series. Missing is produced by Gideon Amir and introduced by Little Engine.

Background music “hold on to me” of Missing is awesome. Action, suspense, thrilling investigation, background scenes and acting of characters are really amazing.

Star World has tried to grab new viewers launching a very new action-emotion Show in India like Castle, Dexter, Terra Nova and Monk Season 8. Missing Season 1 has been scheduled for 10 episodes. You may watch Missing on Star World from 11th March, 2012 every Sunday.