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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gumrah Season 6 – Channel V to Return with Gumrah 6: End of the Innocence TV Show

Gumrah on Channel V

Gumrah: End of the Innocence has successfully completed its four seasons. Now, it is to hit again with a new season that would be Gumrah Season 6. But it is yet to be confirmed.

Gumrah: End of the Innocence – Channel V Launches Gumrah: End of the Innocence TV Show

Gumrah: End of the Innocence is a new Show on Channel V starting from 11th March, 2012. It is scheduled to air every Sunday at 7PM in India.

Gumrah: End of the Innocence Host:

Gumrah: End of the Innocence is hosted by Karan Kundra. He was last seen in Bayttaab Dil Kee Tamanna Hain, Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2, Aahat and Zara Nachke Dikha. Now, he is back on Channel V to host Gumrah: End of the Innocence TV Show.

First Episode of Gumrah: End of the Innocence:

First episode of Gumrah: End of the Innocence was based on the MMS scandal 2002 of Arpit and Anjali. Anjali Dobriyal was a 16-year old school going girl. She was the topper girl in her school. Her mother was an employee in a Bank.

Arpit was also a school going boy and Tennis Champion. He makes an MMS of Anjali and sends to his friends. The scandal blew worldwide. People watched it on web also.

To know the reality of Anjali-Arpit MMS scandal 2002, Gumrah: End of the Innocence Show gives a glimpse of friendship of Anajli and Arpit.

Their friendship begins due to Anuj and Priya – their classmate. Anuj challenges Arpit that he can’t touch her. To prove himself, he makes an MMS video and shows to his friends. Knowing about it, Anjali gets angered and slaps him. The slap creates an ego inside Arpit. Finally, he distributes the video to all.

To make some money, Ravindra Malik, a student of Engineering uploads the video to the WWW. The scandal became international now. Cops arrest Arpit and Ravindra. Arpit is sent to the jail. Ravindra is restricted from the college.

Anjali wanted to be an IFS officer. Arpit wanted to be Tennis Champion for his country. Ravindra had a bright future in Engineering. But now, Anjali is a mother of two kids in just 25. Arpit changes his name and leaves the city. He works as a call centre executive. No one knows about Ravindra.

A small mistake destroys the life of Anjali, Arpit and Ravindra. Anjali’s sister – Aditi also faced huge ignorance. Her mother left her job. Channel V tries to explore the mistakes and crimes committed by youngsters through Gumrah: End of the Innocence.

About Gumrah: End of the Innocence:

Gumrah: End of the Innocence on Channel V is a social series to investigate the crimes committed by youngsters. The Show tries to know the views of people also during the investigation. Psychologists and other known people are asked to give their views on the crime committed by youngsters.

Gumrah on Channel V is the show for today’s youth. It tries to capture the real side of teenagers today. Gumrah TV Show is based on the teenage crime and showcases the real juvenile crime incidents. You can watch Gumrah on Channel V every Sunday at 7PM in India.


Unknown said...

very nice i like u r show....aap bohut accha kar rahe hai logon ko msg dene ke liye...

Riya Dey said...

its jst superb prog..i hd ever seen,,,,,keepit up chanel V,,,,

Anonymous said...

we need to spread awareness like dis.....teenagers need it really...i appreciate dis work.

payal said...

Show is fantastic
i loved it alot n seen several time....
N wnted to see more bt d problm is its repeat telecast time is nt fixed.

Anonymous said...

teenagers nees such awareness these days,,,nd i think this will make some change ...i appreciate your work on this ...

Aman said...

Perfect guys... God bless u but do not publish real names of those people who were in that scam if,possible?
And really our indian people should be matured and should be aware about sex activities can spoiled their careers. Thanks to start this type of show in the public for awareness

Dreams Are True said...

yes this is very good answer for our youth, they just do all these stupid things for their popularity in school and society, the boys think that they are the real marcho men after doing this non sense and girls thinks that im realy enjoying their life ...after all good job channel v

Rupsa Debnath said...

This show will help young stars. Every young stars specially every young girls should watch this show specially the episode of 11th march. After seeing that I'm sure that most of the girls they will think before doing this type of mistake.