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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Surya Puran – Surya Puran on Mahuaa TV – Mythological and Religious Concepts about the Sun Introduced in Surya Puran TV Serial

Surya Puran on Mahuaa TV
Surya Puran is a new TV serial on Mahuaa TV based on the Sun starting from 6th February, 2012. Surya Puran on Mahuaa TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Thursday at 9 PM in India. You can watch a mythological and religious view about the Sun through Surya Puran TV serial.

First Episode of Surya Puran:

First episode of Surya Puran begins with the origin of the Earth. A story teller tells the story of our solar system. He explained the story in a very right way. He talked about the origin of our solar system. But the story takes a new turn with the Earth.

Prithvi Mata is seen crying. A god hears her voice and comes to help her. He asked her problem. She explained her problem to him. She wanted to grow life on her body but due to the Sun she was not able to preserve any life.

The god called all the gods and discussed about it. Now, Sukra had an idea to make life. But next day the life destroyed due to the heat of the Sun in Surya Puran.

Now, Prithvi Mata is seen more aggressive. She started a debate with the Sun. But the Sun replied to her all questions very calmly. Will she be able to grow life? To know about the religious story of the Sun, you need to watch Surya Puran on Mahuaa TV.

About Surya Puran:

Surya Puran is a new series based on the mythological and religious concept of the origin of the Sun. The series is set to reveal the religious views about the Sun.

Surya Puran is directed by Anand Sagar and produced by Sagar Arts. It is brought on Mahuaa TV just after Suron Ka Mahasangram. Surya Puran is premiered on Mahuaa TV on the same date of Mi Aaji Aur Saheb. You can watch Surya Puran on Mahuaa TV every Monday to Thursday at 9 PM in India.