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Survivor India on Star Plus
Survivor India is a new reality TV Show on Star Plus starting from 6th January, 2012. Survivor India on Star Plus is scheduled to air every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM in India in the replacement of Masterchef India 2. Survivor India contestants took up the challenges of battle for survival. You can watch battle for survival on Star Plus through Survivor India TV show every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM in India.

Survivor India Host:

Survivor India host is Samir Kochhar. He is the most popular Indian film actor. Samir Kochhar is seen in the first episode of Survivor India on Star Plus as a host.

Survivor India Contestants:

Payal Rohatgi “Scandal Queen”: She is an Indian film actress and model. She was last seen in Bigg Boss 2, Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka and Zor Ka Jhatka. Now, Payal Rohatgi is a contestant of Survivor India.

Harrison James “Fauladi”: He is a fitness trainer. Harrison James participates in Survivor India as a contestant to experience a real world coming out from the comfort zone.

Shilpa Sakhlani Agnihotri “Nek Dil”: She was last seen in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Pati Patni Aur Woh. Now, Shilpa Saklani is in the list of Survivor India contestants.

Giselle “Drama Queen”: She is the most successful fashion model. She was in featured with the Kingfishers Calendar 2011. Now, Giselle has decided to become a participant of Survivor India.

Jamnadas Majethia (JD) “Zindadil”: He is a firm believer in the God. Now, Jamnadas Majethia is a contestant of Survivor India on Star Plus.

Michael Durairaj “Vichitra”: He is a research scientist. Now, Michael Durairaj is a participant of Survivor India.

Sangram Singh “Mahabali”: He is an Indian Wrestler. Sangram Singh has participated in Survivor India on Star Plus as a contestant.

Preeti “Bindaas”: She is a pampered girl. Preeti became Survivor India contestant to survive with her carefree attitude.

Abhinav Shukla “Jaanbaz”: He was last seen in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi. Now, Abhinav Shukla is a participant of Survivor India TV Show.

Raj Rani “Khiladi No. 1”: She is a state level hockey player and belongs to a small town of Haryana. Raj Rani wants to become a tough contestant of Survivor India Show.

Karan Patel “Navabzaade”: He is an Indian television actor. He was seen in Kasautii Zindagii Kay. Karan Patel is a participant of Survivor India TV Show.

Sai Gundewar “Dilphek”: He is a 23 years old business man. Now, Sai Gundewar is in the list of Survivor India contestant.

Priyanka Bassi “Dream Girl”: She was last seen in Rang Badalti Odhani and Surya the Super Cop. Priyanka Bassi is a television actress and now a contestant of Survivor India on Star Plus.

Sanober Pardiwala “Teztarrar”: She is a Bollywood stunt artist. Now, Sanober Pardiwala is ready to show some stunt being Survivor India contestant.

Monisha Khatwani “Jazbaati”: She is a television and Bollywood actress. Now, Monisha Khatwani is a contestant of Survivor India on Star Plus.

Shivam Singh “Ziddi”: He is a 23 year old student. Shivam Singh is the contestants of Survivor India TV Show.

Rajesh Khera “Mast Maula”: He is a film and television actor. Now, Rajesh Khera is a participant of Survivor India TV series.

Evelyn Sayal “Joshili”: She is a voice accent trainer and belongs to Chandigarh. Evelyn Sayal participates in Survivor India on Star Plus as a contestant.

Rohit Narang “Saudagar”: He is known as Timmy Narang and runs a lounge cum restaurant in Mumbai. Rohit Narang experiences the battle of survival participating in Survivor India.

StithPragya Mohan “NRI”: He is an RJ with an Indian Radio Station in Canada. Now, StithPragya Mohan is a contestant of Survivor India on Star Plus.

Sylvester Rodgers “Bemisaal”: Sylvie was born a man and became a transgender. Sylvester Rodgers participates as a contestant of Survivor India.

Rishi Raj “Shaatir Rishi”: He is a stylist man from Delhi. Rishi Raj participates in Survivor India as a contestant.

There are total 22 contestants in Survivor India on Star Plus. 11 participants of Survivor India are celebrities and 11 contestants are simple Indian. Survivor India contestants are divided into 2 parts to compete each other in the Show.

Survivor India Format:

Survivor India format is based on 22 strangers in a remote tropical location divided into two teams called tribes. Both teams face a challenge each day. They live on the remote location for 45 days. Last survivor will become the winner of Survivor India.

First Episode of Survivor India:

First episode of Survivor India begins with a beautiful Ireland located in Philippines. The Show is introduced by Samir Kochhar, host of the Show. He welcomed 22 contestants of Survivor India.

They are welcomed into two teams. Celebrities team of Survivor India on Star Plus is seen in a beautiful pacific on a beautiful boat. Suddenly, the boat goes down in the deep water. Contestants take a chopper and come out from the deep sea.

On the other hand, 11 other contestants dive into the deep blue sea from the helicopter. These contestants come face-to-face with celebrities’ contestants.

Both teams are divided into 2 tribes – Catan tribe and Tayak tribe. Both teams get their own flag with a unique color – Catan with yellow flag and Tayak with red flag.

Each team gets a wooden box and 11 bags. They move to their own tribes. Now, there was a task for both tribes to make shelter first. They tried to born fire also but didn’t get succeed. Anyhow, they manage to make their shelter.

Second day, both teams are called for a reward challenge. Both teams are asked to participate with their 8 contestants in this challenge to dive in the water. 3 contestants of both teams get the task of solving the puzzle.

First task of Survivor India is won by Catan tribe. They got fire kit, ground nuts and some foods winning the challenge. Tayak tribe was not able to born fire on the second day too. Finally, Preeti decides to give up. You will watch more drama, more complication and height of survival in the next episode of Survivor India on Star Plus. Contestants are seen in the immense starvation on the island.

About Survivor India:

Survivor India is based on the true battle of wit, integrity and existence amongst the most basic elements to live life on a remote tropical location.

Survivor India is inspired by Survivor TV series. It has already gotten the biggest popularity in over 48 countries. It is based on the test of survival essence on an uninhabited island. It has been running for last 11 years.

Contestants of Survivor India have to find their own food, build their own shelter and create their own society living there. Survivor India begins with the concept of “Jo Tikega, Itihaas Likhega’/ Kya Jee Paoge?” It means only the fittest, the grittiest and the ruthless will survive and will be the ultimate winner of Survivor India on Star Plus. Survivor India winner will have to face the battle of survival with the basic necessities.

Survivor India has been sponsored by Garnier Fructis. The Show is located in a remote island in the Philippines, approximately 5,000 km away from India.

Survivor India winner will be rewarded by Rs. 1 crore. There will be more drama, life tragedy and battle for the survival in Survivor India on Star Plus. It is created by Charlie Parsons.


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