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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Superstar Santa – Superstar Santa on UTV Stars – Meet Superstar Santa to Talk about Your Problems

Superstar Santa on UTV Stars
Superstar Santa is a new reality TV Show on UTV Stars starting from 1st January, 2012. Superstar Santa on UTV Stars is scheduled to air every Sunday at 7 PM in India and at 5:30 PM in UAE. There is a chance to meet Superstar Santa to talk about the problems of relationship for the solutions.

Superstar Santa Host:

Superstar Santa host is Dilkhush. She is seen in the first episode of Superstar Santa on UTV Stars. Dilkhush was last seen in Khotey Sikkey.

First Episode of Superstar Santa:

Sonam Kapoor was the Superstar Santa of first episode. She met Dilkhush and told about her life in very short. She explained the importance of friends in her life. She was very logical in her speech.

First episode of Superstar Santa was based on Swarna Mudgal, a 21 year old girl from Bhopal. She came to the Show to bring her best friend back in her life. Priyanka was her best friend. They had been living separate for last 6 months.

There was a misunderstanding between both for a guy. Swarna told her problem to Superstar Santa – Sonam Kapoor. So, Sonam Kapoor made a strategy to solve the problem.

Priyanka had been involved in Event Management job. So, she is called by a crew member of Superstar Santa for the interview. Finally, she is called for another round of interview next day. Priyanka met Sonam Kapoor. She was really surprised.

Now, Sonam explained about the Show. She called Swarna to meet Priyanka. Finally, both met on the platform of Superstar Santa on UTV Stars. Both were very happy. Both explained their mistakes. They got ready for the new beginning. All that happened only by Superstar Santa – Sonam Kapoor.

You will meet a new Superstar Santa on UTV Stars next week. Asin Thottumkal will be the Superstar Santa next week on UTV Stars.

About Superstar Santa:

Superstar Santa on UTV Stars is a very unique and different Show for the new generations like Steal Ur Girlfriend. You will meet the biggest superstars through UTV Stars Superstar Santa like Live My Life.

Superstar Santa TV Show is based on the human relationships and its complexities. The Show will give you one chance to deal with the problems of your relationship and life. You will meet a new celebrity each week through Superstar Santa Show.

Superstar Santa is a weekly Show for half an hour. There will be a different case or problem each week. These cases will be solved by the Superstar Santa. It is an endeavor of UTV Stars to bring the fans close to their favorite superstars like Love 2 Hate U. The Show is premiered on the eve of New Year 2012.