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Monday, January 23, 2012

Gyaan Guru – Gyan Guru on Imagine TV – Get the Knowledge about Indian Culture and Tradition Participating in Gyan Guru TV Show

Gyan Guru on Imagine TV
Gyaan Guru is a new quiz game Show on Imagine TV starting from 23rd January, 2012. Gyan Guru on Imagine TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM in India. You can get the knowledge about Indian culture, tradition and religion participating in Gyan Guru TV Show.

Gyaan Guru Host:

Gyaan Guru host/anchor is Shakti Arora. He is seen in the first episode of Gyaan Guru on Imagine TV. Shakti Arora was last seen in Tere Liye and Sanskaar Laxmi. Now, he is back on Imagine TV to host Gyaan Guru TV Show.

Gyan Guru Format:

There will be 2 participants to compete with each other in each episode of Gyaan Guru Show. They have to secure minimum 5 marks to get the position of Gyaan Guru. On the wrong answer, question will be asked from the other participant. Each right answer will be awarded by 1 mark (1 Punay). The game will begin with the buzzer question. Winner of the buzzer question will get a chance to answer of the next question. The first 5 marks earner will became the Gyaan Guru on the Show.

First Episode of Gyan Guru:

First episode of Gyan Guru begins with two participants – Anuya Aapte from Nagpur and Arpit Tiwari from Bhopal. Anuya wins the buzzer round and score total 2 marks. Similarly, Arpit Tiwari also gets some chances to score 2 marks.

Both contestants score 2 marks in the first episode of Gyan Guru on Imagine TV. Contestants face questions from religion, tradition, culture and epics of India.

KK Mishra is also called in the first episode of Gyan Guru as a scholar of Indian culture, religion and tradition to give explanation on those questions which are asked in the Show.

About Gyaan Guru:

Gyaan Guru is a quiz contest Show with the bank of knowledge about Indian culture, tradition, religion and epics. It is a very innovative Show on Indian television to surprise viewers. Gyaan Guru Show is based on the questions of faith and blind faith.

Gyaan Guru Show will test the knowledge of Indian rituals and beliefs. The Show educates viewers about the stories and reasons behind the different rituals, customs and beliefs. Viewers can also participate in Gyaan Guru Show mailing their profile to the Show. You can watch Gyaan Guru on Imagine TV every Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM in India.


sasi rajasimha said...

... gyan guru must be rated as world's number one TV show...
creativity + modernization + values + commitment + knowledge = GYAN GURU ..........

Dipakkumar said...

Please change font color of questions which are asking during the programme of gyanguru, so it will be easy to read on TV screen, at prestent the background coler and font color are same hence it is very difficult to red it easily during the programme.
Please accept and rectify, thanking you

Aarti Joshi said...

can any one can tell me how to participate in this show. please give me correct procedure


Please tell me that how I can participate in this quiz?