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Monday, December 5, 2011

Style Police – Style Police on UTV Bindass – Learn Fashion and Style Tips Watching Style Police TV Show

Style Police on UTV Bindass
Style Police is a new TV Show based on fashion and style starting from 5th December, 2011. Style Police on UTV Bindass is scheduled to air every Monday at 8 PM in India. You can learn fashion and style tips watching Style Police TV Show.

Style Police Host:

Style Police host is Natasha Suri. She won the title of Miss India. Natasha Suri was last seen in Zor Ka Jhatka, The Big Switch and SuperStud. Now, she is the host of Style Police TV Show.

First Episode of Style Police:

First episode of Style Police on UTV Bindass is introduced by the host - Natasha Suri. She talked about style and fashion. We knew the style and fashion tips of Vidya Balan also on the silk. We met Mayara hair stylist and knew about various types of hair style in the first episode of Style Police Show.

Kunal Rawal talked about the style of Desi Boyz. He introduced Anuj Roy with a new fashion. Shivangi Gosani shows her talent with safety pin putting that in sandals. We watched the use of safety pin in the purse. Style of safety pin was used by Pooja Choddha and Meet Parekh. Dipinita Sharma talked about style of printed shaaree.

Miss Malini talked about glamour, art and passion in the first episode of Style Police on Bindass TV. The episode ends with a fashion quiz. Winner of the quiz will get a Superflix from Reebok.

About Style Police:

Style Police is a new Show about fashion, glamour, art and style tips. It premiered on 5th December, 2011. You will watch designers and stylists on Style Police. You can know all types of fashion tips, trends, new designers, sale announcement, makeup and style watching Style Police on UTV Bindass.

Style Police has been designed in six segments – style alerts, style raids, style arrests, style interrogations, style crimes and style salutes. The Show is featured with latest fashion updates, most talked events, desirable styles, style quotient and cool features of fashion world.