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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sach Ka Saamna 2 – Sach Ka Saamna Season 2 on Life Ok – Take an Oath against Corruption by Sach Ka Samna Season 2 for a new Beginning

Sach Ka Saamna Season 2 on Life Ok
Sach Ka Saamna 2 is the second season of Sacch Ka Saamna. It premiered on 18th December, 2011 on Life Ok, new channel to replace Star One. Sach Ka Saamna Season 2 on Life Ok is scheduled to air every night at 10:20. It is time to take an oath against corruption by Sach Ka Samna Season 2 for a new beginning.

Sach Ka Saamna 2 Host:

Sach Ka Saamna 2 host is Rajeev Khandelwal. He was the host of previous season too. He was last seen in CID also. Now, he is back as anchor and host of Sacch Ka Saamna 2 on Life Ok.

Sach Ka Saamna Season 2 Format:

Level – Number of Questions – Prize Money

1 – 6 – Rs. 2 lakh

2 – 5 – Rs. 5 lakh

3 – 4 – Rs. 10 lakh

4 – 3 – Rs. 25 lakh

5 – 2 – Rs. 50 lakh

6 – 1 – Rs. 1 crore

Sach Ka Saamna Season 2 is based on total 21 questions and 6 levels. Participants can win maximum Rs. 1 crore accepting 21 truths of their life. Prize money of Sach Ka Saamna 2 begins with minimum Rs. 2 lakh. Each level is secured level. Contestants can earn minimum amount of each level achieving the level.

Participants can quit the game any time at any level before asking the question. There is a buzzer button for the family of participants. Contestants accept the truth of their life in front of their family. Family member can use the buzzer button only once in the game if they don’t want to listen to the truth. In that case, the contestant will have to face an alternative question which may be easier or tougher.

Sach Ka Saamna 2 TV Show is based on the polygraph, a lie detector machine. Contestants are hooked up to a polygraph machine and asked 50 questions prior to appearing the real Show. The polygraph tests biological situation of contestants such as pulse rate, blood pressure, etc to measure the truth.

Contestants face only 21 questions on the actual Sach Ka Saamna 2 Show among the earlier asked 50 questions. If contestants lie or refuse to answer a question, the game ends and contestants loose the prize money.

First Episode of Sach Ka Samna 2:

First episode of Sach Ka Samna 2 is introduced by Rajeev Khandelwal, host of the Show. He delivered a fantastic speech against corruption and talked about a new beginning. He asked many basic questions related to the life of common man from viewers.

Kailash Khair sang an opening song for Sach Ka Samna Season 2. Mujahid Hussain became the first contestant of Sach Ka Samna 2 on Life OK.

Dr. Javed, Lubina, Parvez and Vinod Kumar appeared in the first episode of Sach Ka Samna Season 2 on Life Ok to become the witness of Mujahid’s truth.

Mujahid Hussain wins Rs. 5 lakh accepting 11 truth of his life in the first episode of Sach Ka Samna 2 TV Show. Some questions were more personnel and some questions were from his professional life. You will watch him in the next episode also with some more personal questions.

About Sach Ka Saamna Season 2:

Sach Ka Saamna Season 2 is based on the same format of The Moment of Truth. First season of Sach Ka Saamna was premiered on Star Plus on 15th July, 2009.

Students, politicians, celebrity and common man will be the contestants of Sach Ka Saamna Season 2. First season of Sach Ka Samna was a controversial Show. The Show raised an issue in the Rajya Sabha.

Sach Ka Samna Season 2 appears with some changes to the viewers. It is more open as a game Show. It is advertised as a Show against the corruption. Contestants of the season are ready to face their corrupted character along with personal truth. Sacch Ka Saamna Season 2 begins with minimum Rs. 2 lakh prize money.

Sacch Ka Saamna Season 2 on Life OK premiered on December 18, 2011 and scheduled to air every night at 10:20 in India. It is produced by Big Synergy Production. Star One is replaced with Life Ok Naya TV channel.


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