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Monday, December 19, 2011

Ruk Jana Nahi – Ruk Jaana Nahi on Star Plus – A Tale of a Simple Girl and Her New Path to Survive Introduced through Ruk Jaana Nahin TV Serial

Ruk Jaana Nahi on Star Plus
Ruk Jana Nahi is a new TV serial on Star Plus starting from 19th December, 2011. Ruk Jana Nahi on Star Plus is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 6:30 PM in India. You will experience a tale of a simple girl and her new path to service in the society watching Ruk Jaana Nahi TV serial.

Ruk Jana Nahi Casts:


Saanchi is the female protagonist and daughter of Tarachand in Ruk Jana Nahi. She is 19-year old, beautiful and bubbly girl. She believes in convincing the person. Sanchi is very cleaver and handles the situations very smoothly in Ruk Jana Nahi on Star Plus.

Sanchi handles situations tactfully and teaches a new lesson of her own language. She is logical, talented, intelligent and very sharp towards the achieving goal in Ruk Jana Nahi TV serial.


Tarachand is a very nice and hard working man in Ruk Jana Nahi serial. He has been a government employee in Indian railway. But after an accident, he got the retirement. He has proud on Saanchi.


Veena is the wife of Tarachand in Ruk Jana Nahi TV series. She is well-cultured and ideal mother. She is very emotional and a perfect housewife.


Palakshi is the youngest daughter of Tarachand in Ruk Jana Nahi series. She is sweet and fun loving girl. She is about 16-year old.


Abhay is the third and the youngest son of Tarachand in Ruk Jana Nahi TV Show. He is the pampered brother in his family.

Prabal Pratap Yadav:

Prabal is the leader of the University Student Council in Ruk Jana Nahi Show. He belongs to a rich political family. He is very intelligent and aggressive. He has immense knowledge of the history of India and the world.

Sadanand Tiwari:

Sadanand is the tenant of Tarachand’s ancestral house in Benaras in Ruk Jaana Nahi. He is an advocate by his profession. He is very rude and greedy man.

Deven and Indu Singh are also leading characters of Ruk Jaana Nahi on Star Plus. Ruk Jaana Nahi casts are very perfect in their role and story.

Ruk Jana Nahi Story:

Story of Ruk Jana Nahin revolves around Saanchi. She leads every common Indian girl who struggles with their every step. Ruk Jana Nahin on Star Plus is the journey of Sanchi’s fight, battle and struggle to pass through the darkest tunnel.

Sanchi wants to sketch her own path towards her goal through Ruk Jana Nahin TV serial. Her goal is surrounded by numerous fears and adversities.

Story of Ruk Jana Nahin serial is based on a vulnerable girl who combats with obstacles. Her path of struggle is very unique and new. She sketches a new path of survival and struggle through Ruk Jana Nahin.

First Episode of Ruk Jana Nahi:

First episode of Ruk Jana Nahi begins with the house of Tarachand. He is the retired servant of Indian Railway. He got his retirement recently after an accident.

Veena was making arrange all the stuffs of her house. She calls Abhay. She asks him to see Tarachand to confirm the railway ticket. He runs towards the railway station. But Sharma uncle tells him that his father has already left the station. Abhay returns and reports about it his mother. Her mother was very depressed thinking about Sanchi.

In the next scene Ruk Jana Nahi, Sanchi is seen in a temple. She prays the god and returns towards her house. Two goons follow her in the way. The cop traces them. They are caught and charged by the cops but Saanchi requests cops to leave them.

The goons realize their mistakes and promise to not do like that ever. Sanchi returns to her home with a packet of Ladoo. She had gotten the top position in her university entrance exam in Ruk Jana Nahi.

Tarachand also fulfills his promise giving a new handset to her daughter. Everyone left the house. They were shifting in their house from Barabanki to Banaras in Ruk Jaana Nahi.

We watched the beautiful scene of Banaras city. The river of Ganga was filled with thousands of devotee. Saanchi talks about her career. She promises her father to become his proud and honor in Ruk Jana Nahin.

Finally, they reach at their house that was rented with an advocate named Sadanand Tiwari. He had made the house allotted by his name. He shows the paper of the house. Now a fight begins. What will happen with Sanchi’s family? How will they survive now? Watch Ruk Jana Nahi on Star Plus to know more about it.

About Ruk Jana Nahi:

Ruk Jana Nahi is a new series to emphasize the power of Indian female. Star Plus brings the series to celebrate womanhood after Diya Aur Baati Hum, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai, Pratigya, Maryada, Navya, Saathiya, Sapnon Se Bhare Naina, Maayke Se Bandhi Dor and Sasural Genda Phool.

Concept, story and screenplay of Ruk Jaana Nahin have been scored by Kamal Pandey. The series has been directed by Santram Verma. Ruk Jaana Nahin is produced by Kamal Pandey (Kamadgiri Productions).

Story of Ruk Jaana Nahin is located in Banaras. It covers the finest aspect of college life also. It is a youth (basically inspiration for female youth) oriented series. Ruk Jaana Nahin on Star Plus covers the basic aspects of ragging, elections and students activities in the college.

Ruk Jaana Nahi is the journey of Saanchi who fights all odds of her personal life, student life and professional life after becoming a lawyer. Ruk Jaana Nahi title song is yet to be come. You may watch Ruk Jaana Nahi on Star Plus every Monday to Friday at 6:30 PM in India.


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