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Monday, December 19, 2011

Meri Maa – Meri Maa on Life Ok – An Emotional Tale of a Mother and a Missing Girl Introduced in Meri Maa TV Serial

Meri Maa on Life Ok
Meri Maa is a new TV serial on Life Ok starting from 18th December, 2011. Meri Maa on Life Ok is scheduled to air every night at 9 in India. You will watch a heartbreaking emotional relationship of a mother and a missing girl in Meri Maa TV serial.

Meri Maa Casts:


Sayantani Ghosh has played the character of Pratibha in Meri Maa. She has missed her child – Pari in an event. She has been in depression for last 5 years. Sayantani Ghosh was last seen in Rakt Sambandh and Adaalat also.


Avneet Kaur has played the character of Jhilmil in Meri Maa on Life Ok. She has been living in a slum of Mumbai. There is no clear vision about her past in his mind. But she sees her past. She is not able to connect that with her present. Avneet Kaur was the participant of DID Little Masters.

Sachin, Neel, Aatya, Manisha, Aatish, Dinkar and Krushna are also leading characters of Meri Maa TV serial.

Meri Maa Title Song:

Neend Meri Kho Gahi Hai Maa…

Ye Raat Bhi Toh So Gayi Hai Maa…

Haule Haule Gungunaye…

Nindiya Ko Tu Bulaye…

Haule Haule Gungunaye…

Nindiya Ko Tu Bulaye…

Sang Mere Kyun Nahi Tu Maa…

Gili Aankhe Puche Tu Kahan…

O Maa Tere Bina Suna Hai Jahan…

Meri Maa title song has been composed very beautifully. Lyrics of Meri Maa title song are very emotional.

Meri Maa Story:

Story of Meri Maa serial revolves around Jhilmil. She is a street kid. She is on a mission to look for her real mother in Meri Maa TV series. The story talks about Jhilmil who survives alone.

On the other hand, Jhilmil’s mother, Pratibha, faces depression and social stigma for losing her daughter – Pari at a local event.

Meri Maa series captures the journey of Jhilmil who meets different people to locate her real mother. In the same way, Pratibha too never stops looking for her missing baby – Pari.

Will they meet ever? Watch the journey of Jhilmil through Meri Maa on Life Ok every night at 9 to know complete story.

First Episode of Meri Maa:

First episode of Meri Maa begins with Pratibha’s dream. She sees her daughter in an event. Suddenly, she doesn’t find her. She wakes up from her dream.

Pratibha’s mother-in-law knocks her door. She opens the door. She runs towards the window to close that. She asks Pratibha’s to take-care the home properly. There was raining outside and water was coming in the house.

In the next scene of Meri Maa, Neel was not ready to wear the dress of her mother’s choice. He wanted to wear Pratibha’s dress. Aatya doesn’t want to see Pratibha anymore after that accident.

In the next scene of Meri Maa on Life OK, Pari is seen as Jhilmil. She resides in a slum with her new mother. She is not able to recognize her past very clearly.

Pratibha had been lost her daughter 5 years ago. But still she was very conscious about the accident. She was not able to forget that accident.

Krushna was Pratibha’s second child. But he was being take care by her grand-mother. He wanted to go out from her parents. But it was not allowed.

Today, Krushna was ready to go out with his parents. Anyhow, Pratibha gets ready to go out with Krushna and Sachin. But Aatya again made her depressed. She said some bad words for Pari. She assumed that Pari might have died. Pratibha burst out hearing the word for her baby in Meri Maa. She cried.

In the next scene of Meri Maa on Life OK, Jhilmil is seen with her Chillar Gang. She sees the sculpture of Ganesha. She tries to remember something seeing that. But she was not able to see that clearly.

Jhilmil’s mother beats her for making enjoy. But soon she releases her mistakes and loves her. She cooks food for her. Jhilmil promises her to make some good money next day. The episode of Meri Maa was very heart-wrenching. It was an emotional tale of a mother and a missing girl.

About Meri Maa:

Meri Maa is a remake of the most popular Bengali series – “Maa”. The series is currently running on Star Jalsa. Meri Maa is introduced with some minor changes on Life Ok, a new channel to replace Star One.

Meri Maa is a heart-wrenching story of a young girl named Jhilmil. The Show is introduced by Sayantani Ghosh and Jatin Shah.

Series of Meri Maa is very perfect with characters, background scene, dialogue, cinematography, makeup and story line. Viewers may engage themselves watching the Show.