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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Big Switch 3 – Big Switch Season 3 on UTV Bindass – Big Switch 3 Introduced as Life without Daddy Ka Paisa

Big Switch Season 3 on UTV Bindass
Big Switch Season 3 is the third installment of UTV Bindass Big Switch. Big Switch Season 3 on UTV Bindass is scheduled to air every Sunday at 7 PM in India. It premiered on 25th December, 2011. Big Switch 3 is introduced as “Life without daddy ka paisa”.

Big Switch 3 Hosts:

Big Switch 3 hosts are Rohit Shetty and Natasha Suri. Rohit Shetty is a well-known film director, presenter and cinematographer. He got huge popularity from Golmaal series and Singham in the direction world. Rohit Shetty was last seen in Comedy Circus 3 - Teen Ka Tadka and Comedy Circus Maha Sangram.

Natasha Suri is the most prominent lady and winner of Miss India title. Natasha Suri was last seen in Zor Ka Jhatka, Superstud and Style Police. Now, both are seen as the host of Big Switch 3 on UTV Bindass.

Rohit Shetty is the godfather of UTV Bindass Big Switch 3. He will judge the contestants for their task. He will make rules and contestant will follow them.

Big Switch 3 Contestants:

Sahil Rohira



Faizan Mir

Anjusha Bhattacharya


Rohit Bajaj


There are 8 super brats with their big demands in Big Switch Season 3 on UTV Bindass. Their parents can fulfill their big demand if they win Bindass Big Switch 3.

Big Switch Season 3 Format:

Big Switch Season 3 is based on a very unique format. 8 contestants will compete with each other during the tasks to become the winner of Big Switch 3. Rohit Shetty will be the judge of their performance. Big Switch 3 winner will meet his/her big demand.

First Episode of Big Switch 3:

First episode of Big Switch 3 begins with an introduction of the Show and contestants. 8 contestants are welcomed by Nata Suri. These are rich and spoilt. They don’t know the value of life, money and time. They have been living a luxurious life on the “daddy ka paisa” (on father’s money).

Now, their parents asked them to survive in Big Switch 3 for 20 days for their ‘Big Wish’. Big Switch Season 3 is based on the role reversal.

Contestants celebrate a party in the first episode of Big Switch Season 3. It turns into a violent and quarrelling party.

Next day, they are awaked-up in early in the morning. Rohit Shetty asked them to clean their room and party area. They got a dress of cleaner.

Rohit Shetty appears with Natasha Suri after the completion of contestants’ task. He tells them about the format of the Show. He snatches their most desiring things. They lost TV, fridge, AC, Gizer etc. from their room.

Rohit Shetty appears as godfather in Big Switch 3. He makes rules and contestants follow them. Rohit Shetty shows his power to handle the super brats in the first episode of Big Switch Season 3.

About Big Switch Season 3:

We already have watched Bindass Big Switch and Big Switch Season 2. Once again, UTV Bindass brings third series of Big Switch: Life without Daddy Ka Paisa.

Big Switch Season 3 on UTV Bindass is a path breaking Show with a very purposive goal. It is based on the life changing experience. It gives youth and young generations a right direction. It fills goals and purposes in them about life.

Bindass Big Switch 3 is sponsored by Woodland. You may watch Big Switch 3 on UTV Bindass every Sunday at 7 PM in India. You may learn the materialistic concept about life. Your life may change and get a goal, if you watch Big Switch 3.


niks.. said...

this show is awesome man!!!
n faizan mir is jus so cool!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

good job all.....i like heena.....plz marry me ,i m in love with u.....plz

My self bony patel frm gujrat.....ahmedabad.............9724931794.

surbhi said...

mr Rohit shetty has lost it. This is no way to sudhar the kids as he says. by yelling and shouting mr shetty is showing his weakness and he shouts when he feels he will be cornered by the kids. kids can be changes with love not by shouting. Mr shttey you need lessons in kids upbringing. Hats of to parents who are tolerating this. If my kid was spoken to like this mr shetty would have repented. My kid is rich but not a brat and i feel sorry for parents who are sending their kids to such a nonsennce program, Mr shetty pl resign.


I regularly watch Big Switch (season 3) and I feel its far more better than these Hindi soaps. About Rohit Shetty , he is a successful Director and he is the right one to direct these guys right way of living. He shouts but he cares for them. When I started earning 10,000, I didn't enjoy AC rooms, so the participants are lucky and Rohit is lenient. All the contestants are really superb. And Natasha, she looks awesome.

Unknown said...

Hi there..
this is for u Heena.. U are doing really good but not 100%.. may b coz of dat faizan thing... Jst remember d reason.. y u r there..?! U deserve better.. nd yeah.. d mst imprtant.. U've got beautiful eyz.. Good luck!!
Elham from New Delhi

DIA MAITRA said...


Arnab008 said...

My fav show on Bindaas....its gr8... the brats need to be taught a lesson.....anyways, its showbiz...nobody cares how the brats turn up after the show....the show must go on....
Sapna is fake and bossy....!!

Ripan said...

in dis show i like NEHA...she is a princess man....n like her voice too...damn i wanna make frdship wid her...plz neha give me yr fb id..plz plz plz...my fb id is ripan414@gmail.com ...thank u

raunak said...

hey faizan... i luv ur atitude dude... u rock evrytym.....!!!
btw all d vry bst 2 all d contestants...... chill up... nd rock d show u all...

VickY said...

Rohit don't worry I can ustd your frustration but don't forget up and down gonna be everywhere . So , gv ur best I knw u r but still . tk cr

Unknown said...

wowwwwwwwwww. faizannnn u jst rockkkkkkk yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .......... ua soooo handsmmmmmm... fab......... loveeee u a loooooooootttttttttttttttt.. jszzz wna meeeet u.. i jz lyk ua attitude...hmmmm sme as meh......... n sahillll ua quite cooool dude......... heeene u rockk.......... bst offf luck guyz,,,, hpe 1 f ulll win!!!!!!!!!! muaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.................

SK said...

Sushant, I love you. I like your performance. I am interested in you. Please call me 08446525899. I waiting for your call seriously.