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Friday, December 2, 2011

Beg Borrow Steal 8 – Beg Borrow Steal Season 8 on UTV Bindass Premiered as Born Separate, Stuck Together

Beg Borrow Steal 8 on UTV Bindass
Beg Borrow Steal 8 is the eighth season of Beg Borrow Steal TV Show. Beg Borrow Steal Season 8 on UTV Bindass premiered as Born Separate, Stuck Together. It is scheduled to air every Friday at 7 PM in India.

First Episode of Beg Borrow Steal 8:

First episode of Beg Borrow Steal 8 on UTV Bindass begins from Guwahati. Aaliyah Khan (contestant, host and anchor of the Show) is seen there at 8:10 AM. She meets Sahil Khattar (Comedy Ka Maha Muqabla and Date Trap) there. He was the co-contestant of Aaliyah Khan in this season of Beg Borrow Steal: Born Separate, Stuck Together.

Aaliyah Khan and Sahil had to reach Pandu Port. They meet their producer there. They knew the format of the Show. They are hand-cuffed in Beg Borrow Steal 8 on UTV Bindass. They had to reach at Nongpoh Market. Aaliyah asked for lift and reached at the bus stand.

Aaliyah Khan and Sahil reached at Nongpoh Market around 11:42 AM. They take some fruit from a shopkeeper showing their situation. Finally, they meet their producer for the task. They had to cut, clean and package 10 pieces of Kwai in their task. They got 45 minutes for that task. They did only 8 pieces. So, it was the time for punishment.

Aaliyah Khan and Sahil are brought to a Khaasi tribe. They had cooked meal for them in the punishment. They got traditional stove and dishes to cook the meal. Aaliyah Khan and Sahil enjoyed much during the punishment because it was just like reward for them.

Finally, they left for Shillong. They got lift in a truck. But due to rush driving they left that. Next episode of Beg Borrow Steal 8 will continue with the journey of Aaliyah Khan and Sahil to Shillong.

About Beg Borrow Steal 8:

Beg Borrow Steal 8 is the most popular traveling Show on UTV Bindass. This season is featured with North-East zone of India. You will see Sahil also in Beg Borrow Steal Season 8 with Aaliyah Khan.

Beg Borrow Steal 8 is introduced as Born Separate, Stuck Together. You will experience the culture, climate, people, civilization and many other things of North-East zone watching Beg Borrow Steal 8 on UTV Bindass.

You will enjoy the Show in a very new sense like Dadagiri Season 4, Big Switch 2, Bindass Riders and Khan Sisters. Beg Borrow Steal Season 8 is based on the North East India traveling of 900 kms in just 7 days. The journey begins from Guwahati in Assam to Moreh in Manipur. It is the journey of 900 kms handcuffed guys.


Wang said...

Hi...though i havnt watch the earlier episode except for some episode like AAliayh to Wagah border etc( am a patriot, nationalist, i luv my country India) this new episode has captured and attracted me since belong from NE India...OMg but the next epiosde wud be last i guess as Aaliya and co wud be traveling to Moreh. Anyways i will try to check the earlier episodes in u tube etc.....i luv this show for sure..and yeah that chulbuli Aaliya..luv her.

Krishna roy said...

thnkz 4 comin to nagaland