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Monday, December 19, 2011

Afsar Bitiya – Afsar Bitiya on ZEE TV – A Social Message on the Importance of Female Education Introduced through Afsar Bitiya TV Serial

Afsar Bitiya on ZEE TV
Afsar Bitiya is a new TV serial on ZEE TV starting from 19th December, 2011. Afsar Bitiya on ZEE TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 7 PM in India. ZEE TV gives a social message on the importance of female education in our society through Afsar Bitiya TV serial.

Afsar Bitiya Casts:

Pintu Singh:

Kinshuk Mahajan has played the character of Pintu Singh in Afsar Bitiya. He is a careless rich guy. He is the son of Tun Tun Singh. Pintu has his own gang. He makes bikes race. He is young and heartless guy. He falls in love with Krishna. Pintu is the male protagonist of Afsar Bitiya on ZEE TV. Kinshuk Mahajan was last seen in Bidaai, Chand Chupa Badal Mein and Ritz JeeLe Ye Pal.


Mitali Nag has played the character of Mitali Nag in Afsar Bitiya TV Show. She belongs to a lower-middle class family where girls don’t get big scope to educate them. But Krishna loves to read and wants to become an officer. Krishna tries to become an inspiration of middle class society through Afsar Bitiya Show. She wants to deliver a message to the viewers to educate female.

Babloo Singh:

Yash P. Sinha has played the character of Babloo Singh in Afsar Bitiya TV serial. He is the elder brother of Pintu Singh. He runs a civil services coaching centre. He is well-educated and composed guy in Afsar Bitiya serial. Yash P. Sinha was last seen in Bhagyavidhaata.


Neha Prajapati has played the character of Swati in Afsar Bitiya TV series. She is the elder sister of Krishna. Neha Prajapati was last seen in Hamari Saas Leela and Pyaar Mein Twist.

Krishna’s Father:

Virendra Saxena has played the character of Krishna’s father in Afsar Bitiya series. He is very helpful father. He supports her daughters. Virendra Saxena was last seen in Chhajje Chhajje Ka Pyar, Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil and Kitani Mohabbat Hai.

Shivshakti Sachdev (Sabki Laadli Bebo, Balika Vadhu), Indira Krishnan (Krishnaben Khakhrawal, Rehna Hai Teri Palkon ki Chaaon Mein), Monica Khanna (Mahi Way), Prachee Pathak (Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya), Neeraj Sood (Humse Hai Life) and Meena Mir are also leading casts of Afsar Bitiya.

Afsar Bitiya Story:

Story of Afsar Bitiya is set in the background of Bhagalpur, Bihar. The zone is very restricted for women freedom and education. You will experience an inspirational story of Krishna watching Afsar Bitiya on ZEE TV.

First Episode of Afsar Bitiya:

First episode of Afsar Bitiya begins with the house of Krishna. She is seen with her book. It was the time of early morning. She prays the god for her interview. Today, she had to face an interview in the collector office.

Krishna’s father brings milk and calls her daughter. She opens the door. He gives her milk and asks to drink a glass of milk to keep mind fresh.

In the next scene of Afsar Bitiya, Krishna’s mother – Sarwaswati is seen very upset due to her husband. She didn’t want to wake up early in the morning. Krishna brings two cups of tea for her parents. She goes in kitchen and takes a glass of milk.

Sarwaswati enters into the kitchen and takes the glass. She asks her to not take pure milk. It is only for boys of the house. She gives her milk with water. Sarwaswati prepares another glass of pure milk for her son – Ravi.

Krishna gets ready and comes out with her younger sister – Chanchal. Both leave their house. Krishna’s father asks her to drop by his scooter but her mother stop to do it. Krishna’s father keeps his scooter outside from the house and asks both daughters to come with him. It is seen by her mother.

Krishna’s father gets a call in the way. It was the call of Tun Tun Singh. He asks both to take auto. Chanchal goes towards her school.

Now, Krishna proceeds towards the interview centre in Afsar Bitiya on ZEE TV. She takes a public auto. It was filled with local people and their pet. Krishna was trying to read her book in the auto but it was not possible. Tire of the auto gets blast in the way.

Krishna tries to come out from the auto in the next scene of Afsar Bitiya. In this process, her sandal breaks. Now, she walks towards her coaching centre taking the sandals and books in her hand.

Pintu Singh is seen on the bike with his friends from the other side in Afsar Bitiya on ZEE TV. He was making a race. He pushes Krishna by his hand to win in the race. Krishna wakes up again after the accident and runs towards the coaching centre.

Babloo Singh leaves for Collector Office with his students after a long wait of Krishna. A friend of Krishna told that Babloo Singh has left for the Collector Office. Now, Krishna runs towards there. As she reaches there, time of the interview was over. Babloo Singh tries to arrange an interview for her but it was not possible. She sees no hope and runs towards the Collector Office. Will she face interview? Will she be permitted for the interview? Watch next episode of Afsar Bitiya on ZEE TV to know more about it.

About Afsar Bitiya:

Afsar Bitiya is a new inspirational series on ZEE TV based on the importance of female education to improve gender equality and promote economic growth for the development of families, communities and nations like Ruk Jana Nahi.

Afsar Bitiya TV serial is located in Bhagalpur (Bihar). The series revolves around the aspirations, dreams and motivation of Krishna. It is the journey of Krishna who is aimed to improve her family's life.

Afsar Bitiya serial traces the journey of Krishna who belongs to a lower middle class family and tries to become self sufficient. Krishna becomes a B. D. O. (Block Development Officer) facing all the obstacles by her hard work.

Afsar Bitiya is the story of every simple girl who tries to do something different and become an inspiration and recognition of the society only through hard work and dedication.

Afsar Bitiya sketches the role of female in their various avatars – a daughter, a dedicated wife, a BDO, and a devoted daughter-in-law.

Story and screenplay of Afsar Bitiya have been scored by Rakesh Paswan. It is directed by Arvind Babbl. The series is produced by Rakesh Paswan (Village Boy Production Pvt. Ltd.). You can watch Afsar Bitiya on ZEE TV every Monday to Friday at 7 PM in India.