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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Steal Ur Girlfriend – Steal Ur Girlfriend on Channel V – Get Your Love Back Watching [V] Steal Ur Girlfriend TV Show

Steal Ur Girlfriend
Steal Ur Girlfriend is a new reality drama series on Channel V starting from 13th November, 2011. Steal Ur Girlfriend on Channel V is scheduled to air every Sunday at 7 PM in India. Get your love back watching [V] Steal Ur Girlfriend TV Show.

Steal Ur Girlfriend Host:

Steal Ur Girlfriend host is Kashmira Shah. She helps helpless lover in this Show. Kashmira Shah was last seen in Desi Girl and Baat Hamari Pakki Hai.

First Episode of Steal Ur Girlfriend:

First episode of Steal Ur Girlfriend on Channel V was based on the story of Atirek Sharma. He meets Kashmira Shah. He explained his love story. He wanted to get back her beloved – Priya. Arsh was an ex-boyfriend of Priya.

Atirek Sharma and Kashmira Shah make a plan to impress Priya. Atirek collects some buckets of flowers in a mall. He asked some questions also there about the favorite things of girls – flowers or balloons.

Kashmira Shah interrupted and asked about his plan. He explained his plan. She was impressed. Now, both wait for Priya.

In the next scene of Steal Ur Girlfriend TV Show, Priya comes there. Atirek meets her. He was not able to express his thought. He talks on some other topics. In the mid, he came up and throw the bucket of flowers. He throws buckets also with the flowers. It was terrible situation.

Now, he thought to change his plan. He again came down and showed himself innocent. Priya was confused about all the things. It was time for another surprise. He had arranged for a cake. But there was no massage on the cake – ‘I Love You’.

Now, Atirek thought to blame Arsh. So, he said Priya that it may be the plan of Arsh. Priya was much surprised and happier listening to it. She asks to meet Arsh. It was beyond the plan. Atirek walks with Priya towards Arsh’s office.

In the next scene of Steal Ur Girlfriend Show, Priya leaves for an interview in Manchester United Café for designer. Kashmira was very confused with the behavior of Atirek. She hits him. Now, she makes another plan. She asks him to follow her plan only from now. Both are seen in the Manchester United Café. Priya meets Kashmira there. Atirek introduces Kashmira as his friend. She asks about Priya’s next day plan.

Now, Kashmira makes a plan for second day. Priya comes in a mall for shopping. Kashmira had made a plan there for her. Atirek collected some buckets of flowers. He spreads that there to impress her.

Finally, Atirek gets a chance to date Priya. Both meet in a restaurant. Atirek became emotional and kneel down to Priya. In the mid, Arsh comes there. A great fight took place between Atirek and Arsh.

Now, Kashmira interrupts in this situation. She handles the situation. She called Shaifa also to make the situation clearer. Now, Priya understands Atirek’s loves and emotions. She accepts Atirek’s love and rejects Arsh. The first episode of Steal Ur Girlfriend brings more drama and humor to the viewers.

About Steal Ur Girlfriend:

Steal Ur Girlfriend or Steal Your Girlfriend is a new reality drama Show on Channel V. The Show is featured with a new drama in each episode where a new contestant approaches Kashmera with his love problem.

Steal Ur Girlfriend is featured with an interesting series of surprises and fun. Each episode, a lovesick guy gets the opportunity of a lifetime to win the girl of his dream. Steal Ur Girlfriend is a youth centric Show like Axe Ur Ex, Lovenet, Lovenet 2, Truth Love Cash, Truth Love Cash 2, Date Trap, Date Trap 2, Emotional Atyachar, Emotional Atyachar 2 and Emotional Atyachar 3. You will watch never seen before surprises and planning to impress the girl through [V] Steal Ur Girlfriend.

You can watch Steal Ur Girlfriend on Channel V every Sunday at 7 PM. Viewers can also confess their love calling to Kashmira or submitting an online form. You can get the details of call and online form regarding Steal Ur Girlfriend visiting official website of Channel V.


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