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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Love 2 Hate U – Love 2 Hate U on Star World – Meet the Hater of Celebrity through Love 2 Hate U TV Show

Love 2 Hate U on Star World
Love 2 Hate U is a new reality TV Show on Star World starting from 20th November, 2011. Love 2 Hate U on Star World is scheduled to air every Sunday at 9 PM in India. You can meet the hater of celebrity watching Love 2 Hate U TV Show.

Love 2 Hate You Host:

Love 2 Hate You host is Arjun Rampal. He is the most successful Bollywood actor. He is a model turn actor. Arjun Rampal appears on Love to Hate You Show as an anchor.

First Episode of Love 2 Hate U:

First episode of Love 2 Hate U was based on the hater of Arjun Rampal. An anti-fan of Arjun Rampal is called on the Show named Farhan Syed. He criticizes his acting. He sees Arjun Rampal as a piece of furniture and cracks jokes.

Farhan Syed is called on a set to talk a producer. Arjun Rampal suddenly enters there. He shows his presence to Farhan. Seeing Arjun Rampal, Farhan was socked.

Finally, Arjun Rampal starts a debate with him. He offers a set and asks him to entertain audiences from his skills. He does so. In the final scene, he is scene with Arjun on a dinner table. Arjun asks him about a test of hate-meter also.

Next story was based on Madhur Bhandarkar. Suchitra Luxman is called to criticize his direction. She was not ready to accept him as a realistic film director. She considers him pathetic and formulistic director.

Madhur Bhandarkar meets her and tries to make her understand about his own side. There was a great debate between both. Madhur Bhandarkar gives her an opportunity to act on a scene. She does very well. The story also ends with the test of hate-meter.

About Love 2 Hate U:

Love 2 Hate U is a new and fresh Show for viewers. It is about anti-fans of celebrities. Each episode of Love 2 Hate U TV Show will be featured with two celebrities, two haters and two epic battles.

Celebrities will try to turn their haters into their fans through the Show. It is the celebrities’ worst nightmare. Love 2 Hate U Show brings celebs and their anti-fans together first time. It gives a chance to understand opinions of each others.

Viewers will watch Farah Khan and Chetan Bhagat next week with their haters on Love 2 Hate U on Star World. This is the much appreciating Show to bring forward haters of celebrities to make them realize about their weaker position.

Expression of Arjun Rampal for all the character is same. That should be changed from my point of view. There should be flexibility on his face like Akshay Kumar or Ranbir Kapoor.

People are eager to watch Salman Khan also on Love2HateU with his haters. It is a youth oriented Show like Khan Sisters. It is divided into three parts – set up the stage, breaking the ice and the verdict. You can watch Love 2 Hate U on Star World every Sunday at 9 PM in India. It is introduced in the replacement of India's Most Desirable.