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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Khan Sisters – Khan Sisters on UTV Bindass – Watch Glamorous and Luxurious Lifestyle of Khan Sisters on Bindass TV

Khan Sisters on UTV Bindass
Khan Sisters is a new reality TV Show on UTV Bindass starting from 19th November, 2011. Khan Sisters on UTV Bindass is scheduled to air every Saturday at 7 PM in India. Watch glamorous and luxurious lifestyle of Khan Sisters on Bindass TV every Saturday at 7 PM.

First Episode of Khan Sisters:

First episode of Khan Sisters covers two cities – Delhi and Mumbai. It was about two Khan Sisters - Gauhar Khan and Nigaar Z Khan. Gauhar is seen in Delhi. She wakes up in a morning and takes her breakfast. She moves for swimming. She gets a call there from a journalist. The journalist was talking about her past. Gauhar gets frustrated and makes a call to her sister – Nigaar.

Nigaar was on the shoot. She was invited as a celebrity guest in a Show. She takes the call very seriously and decides to leave for Delhi. Suddenly, she reaches Delhi. She meets Gauhar. She was talking with a designer. Gauhar was much excited to see Nigaar.

In the next scene of Khan Sisters, Nigaar and Gauhar are seen in their apartment in Gurgaon. They meet their mother. They talk about their personal life and acting. Finally, Gauhar moves for shopping with her mother.

Once again, Nigaar receives a call from a journalist of India TV. The journalist wanted to talk Gauhar about her modeling. But Gauhar was scared from her past life. Finally, she decided to face the interview.

In the last scene of Khan Sisters, Gauhar is seen on the ramp of Rahul Mishra. She does a great job. Everyone celebrates a party.

About Khan Sisters:

Khan Sisters tells the story of celebrity sisters’ personal lives to television audience. Khan Sisters has been scheduled for 13-episode on UTV Bindass. The series talks about their all activities what they do and how they live.

Khan Sisters on UTV Bindass is a new non-fiction drama series for young generation. You can take a view of the real lifestyle of B-town watching the Show.

Khan Sisters premiered on 19th November, 2011. You will watch their love, fight and differences of lives. It is a very different Show from Superstud and Date Trap 2. You can watch Khan Sisters TV Show every Saturday at 7 PM in India on UTV Bindass.


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