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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Guzura TV Series – Hungama TV Brings the Most Humorous Anime Series Guzura in India

Guzura on Hungama TV
Guzura or Oraa Guzura Dado (Hey, I'm Guzura!) is a new comedy anime series on Hungama TV. Guzura premiered on 14th November, 2011. Guzura on Hungama TV is scheduled to air 6:30 PM in India.

New Episode of Guzura:

We watched two stories in the recent episode of Guzura on Hungama TV. First story was based on the status of monster in the world. Guzura was very upset watching anime TV series. He sees that Ace Man always beat a monster. He wanted to save the monsters. So, he decided to eat the television. But kids make him understand to walk to the real Ace Man.

Guzura is seen in a studio. Now, a comical situation begins from here. When director knew about the real monster, he decided to make a real TV series. Guzura was feared with injections. So, director used that to make Guzura angered.

Next story was based on the space. Guzura is prepared to send in the space. He did great drama to make us laugh. He ate almost all machinery of the space. He is examined by doctor and finally sent in the space by a space shuttle.

Guzura was very upset in the space. So, he ate the complete space shuttle and came down to the earth. Once again, he returns among his kid friends.

About Guzura:

Oraa Guzura Dado was originally aired on Fuji TV in 1967. It was directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa and produced by Tatsunoko Pro. Guzura was a 52-episode comedy anime series.

Story of Oraa Guzura Dado is based on a monster named – Guzura. It is a good monster. The series of Guzura follows his misadventures with the interaction of human as well as other animals.

Guzura is the most appreciating character to make kids laugh. He eats all the things made by iron. He saves people and creates some troubles also by his misadventures.

Guzura is the most comical anime series to make kids laugh. Guzura is bought in India by Hungama TV. Guzura is a better option for the kids among Chhota Bheem, Doraemon, Shinchan, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Perman, Ben 10, Generator Rex, Roll No 21 and Tom & Jerry.