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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Zenmai Zamurai – Hungama TV Premiered Zenmai Zamurai on October 18

Zenmai Zamurai on Hungama TV
Zenmai Zamurai is a new series on Hungama TV starting from October 18, 2011. It has been scheduled to air at 3:30 PM in India.

Zenmai Zamurai Characters:


Akutare Zamurai is a very good guy in his village. He has a wind key on his head. He can do everything from his key in Zenmai Zamurai TV serial.


Mamemaru is the best friend of Zamurai in Zenmai Zamurai serial.


Zukinchan is the female protagonist in Zenmai Zamurai TV series. She is also a good friend of Zenmai in this serial.

Chajiji, Dangoyababa, Namezaemon and Pierre are also leading characters in Zenmai Zamurai series.

Second Episode of Zenmai Zamurai:

Second episode of Zenmai Zamurai revolves around Zenmai through a series of short story. We watched many story of his goodness in a village. He trains Mamemaru. He has a soft corner towards Zukinchan. We watched many short stories related to Zenmai’s life in a village in Zenmai Zamurai.

About Zenmai Zamurai:

Zenmai Zamurai is a cartoon based series. The series contains a set of short stories based on Zenmai’s life. It is a story of 200 years ago when Zenmai Zamurai (Zennosuke) was a thief by profession.

One night, he fell down into a well and died. After that he was resurrected by Daifukunokami with a wind-up key on his head. The key winds down when he does bad deeds. If the key winds down, he dies. So, he had to do good deeds to keep him alive.

Zenmai Zamurai does always good deeds when he sees injustice. He is inspired by “do a good deed daily”. The most popular cartoon series of children is premiered in India on Hungama TV. Now, you can watch Zenmai Zamurai on Hungama TV in India. Zenmai Zamurai has the same format of short stories like Doraemon and Chota Bheem.