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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Terra Nova – Terra Nova on Star World – The Most Popular Adventure Series Terra Nova Launched on Star World

Terra Nova on Star World
Terra Nova is a new science fiction drama TV series on Star World starting from 8th October, 2011. Terra Nova on Star World is scheduled to air every Saturday at 9 PM in India. Star World launches the most popular adventure series - Terra Nova for Indian viewers.

Terra Nova Casts:

Jim Shannon:

Jason O’Mara has played the character of Jim Shannon in Terra Nova. He is a police officer and devoted father with a complicated past.

Dr. Elisabeth Shannon:

Shelley Conn has played the character of Dr. Elisabeth Shannon in Terra Nova TV series. She is a trauma surgeon. She is selected for Terra Nova.

Commander Nathaniel Taylor:

Stephen Lang has played the character of Commander Nathaniel Taylor in Terra Nova series. He is the commander of Terra Nova.

Josh Shannon:

Landon Liboiron has played the character of Josh Shannon in Terra Nova TV Show. He is the 17-year-old son of Jim and Elizabeth.

Maddy Shannon:

Naomi Scott has played the character of Maddy Shannon in Terra Nova Show. She is the first daughter of Jim and Elisabeth Shannon.


Christine Adams has played the character of Mira in Terra Nova. She is the leader of the "Sixers" in Terra Nova series.

Zoe Shannon:

Alana Mansour has played the character of Zoe Shannon in Terra Nova TV series. She is the five year old daughter of Jim and Shanon.


Allison Miller has played the character of Skye in Terra Nova series. She is a veteran resident of Terra Nova. She teaches value of family to Josh.
Casts of Terra Nova series are very perfect in their role and characters. Terra Nova Casts are designed for a new world.

Terra Nova Story:

Story of Terra Nova begins in the year of 2149. The age is virtually impossible for humanity to survive on the earth. The Shannon Family begins a new life in Terra Nova.

Story of Terra Nova is based on an ordinary family who goes on an incredible journey to save the human race. The series is based on the Shannon family who joins the Tenth Pilgrimage of settlers to Terra Nova.

First Episode of Terra Nova:

First episode of Terra Nova begins from the down of the 22nd century. People are suffered from population and pollution. Jim brings an orange for Zoe. In the mid time, Maddy warns that cops are coming. They try to hide Zoe. Police raids and after a short fight, it arrests Jim Shannon. He is sent to the Gold Prison.

Story of Terra Nova takes a lift of two years. Elisabeth Shanon comes to meet Jim in the jail for 5 minutes. She tells him about the Terra Nova. She gives him a mask. She asks him to join the 10th pilgrimage of Terra Nova.

Elisabeth Shanon is seen in the way of Terra Nova with her children. Jim makes a plan and takes her youngest daughter in a bag. He breaks security and joins his family. But security team sees him. He changes his package. Jim again hits security members and enters into a new world of Terra Nova.

Commander Taylor addresses the new people and invites Jim and Elisabeth in his cabin. He asks about his family. Elisabeth convinces him that she wants to start a fresh life here. Commander Taylor gives Jim a work in agricultural department.

Shanon family enters into a new home. But there was no bed for Zoe. Maddy shows her understanding and tells Zoe to share her bed. In the mid, Zoe goes outside. Shanon family runs behind her and sees the tallest animal ever.

Next day, Shanon family gets ready for the work. Elisabeth joins the hospital. Jim joins the agricultural department. Josh and Maddy are asked to look after Zoe by Jim and Elisabeth. But Josh leaves Maddy and Zoe alone. He tries to find something new. He meets Skye. She makes him a friend. Now, Josh follows her.

Jim sees Josh with Skye in the way. He tries to stop him but Josh confronts with his father. Skye enters into a Jungle. She dives into the deep water. Josh had also no option. So, he too does so. He sees some amazing things there. Skye suggests him to not tell anyone about it.

In the next scene of Terra Nova, a goon keeps a knife on Elisabeth’s neck in the hospital. He takes the gun of cops and runs towards Commander Taylor. Jim sees him from his department. He follows the goon. Jim saves Commander Taylor from the jumping over him. Next episode of Terra Nova is featured with the biggest adventure ever. First episode of Terra Nova is named as “Genesis”. The episode is directed by Alex Graves.

About Terra Nova:

Terra Nova was premiered on Fox originally on 26th September, 2011. Star World launches Terra Nova Season 1 for Indian viewers on 8th October, 2011.

Terra Nova is developed by Mitch Kramer. It is a US based Show located in Queensland, Australia. Terra Nova is a very fresh and new Show on Star World.

Star World brings Terra Nova Season 1 after the huge popularity of Made Love, How I Met Your Mother Season 6, Modern Family Season 2, Family Guy Season 4, Castle, Dexter and Lights Out.

Terra Nova or Terranova word derives from Latin and Portuguese. Meaning of the word is "new land" or "new earth". Terra Nova is the biggest adventure series ever on television. You can watch Terra Nova on Star World every Saturday at 9 PM in India.