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MasterChef India Season 2 on Star Plus
MasterChef India 2 is the second season of MasterChef India, the most popular cooking reality TV Show. MasterChef India Season 2 on Star Plus is scheduled to air every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM in India. Master Chef India 2 premiered on October 22nd 2011.

MasterChef India 2 Judges:

Chef Ajay Chopra, Chef Kunal Kapoor and Chef Vikash Khanna are the judges of MasterChef India 2. Chef Ajay Chopra and Chef Kunal Kapoor were seen in the last season also. Vikash Khanna joins them to judge, encourage and appreciate the contestants in second season in the replacement of Akshay Kumar.

MasterChef India 2 Format:

MasterChef India 2 is based on the same format of other reality TV Shows. Top 50 contestants are chosen from the audition rounds. These contestants get boot camp challenge. Top 12 contestants are chosen for MasterChef India Season 2 from the boot camp challenges. Each week 1 contestant is eliminated. Grand finale episode declares winner of the Show.

MasterChef India 2 Title Song:

MasterChef India 2 title Song has been composed by Aadil Prashant. It is sung by Jojo and Tarranum. You can download MasterChef India Season 2 title track in MP3 from: visiting official website. You can download instrumental version of MasterChef India 2 title track also from the website. The rocking song is much loved and revolves around “Badlo India, Apne Khane Ka Andaz”.

First Episode of MasterChef India 2:

First episode of MasterChef India 2 on Star Plus begins with the recap of first season’s achievement. It explored the achievement of Zoe, Zebi, Jaynandan and Pankaj Bhadouria.

First episode of MasterChef India 2 proceeds with audition process. Auditions of MasterChef India 2 had been organized in many cities in India – Amritsar, Lucknow, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai. Thousands of cooking aspiring contestants had participated in MasterChef India 2 auditions. Currently, MasterChef India 2 registrations and auditions are closed.

We watched top 50 contestants in a boat. They are chosen after the MasterChef India Season 2 auditions. They are brought at Visakhapatnam Port. They meet Chef Ajay Chopra, Chef Kunal Kapoor and Chef Vikash Khanna there.

Top 50 contestants get a mystery box in the first episode of MasterChef India Season 2 on Star Plus. The mystery box had top 9 ingredients. These ingredients had been collected from the every corner of India.

Contestants had to cook a creative and innovative dish using at least 3 ingredients. They are invited in the boot camp kitchen. They get only 60 minutes to cook one perfect dish.

All contestants cook their best food but only 26 contestants come ahead with their dish in the first episode of MasterChef India 2011. Judges choose only top 3 contestants in this episode – Shipra, Puneet Mehta and Joseph. Shipra had served the best dish and she became the first contestant of MasterChef India 2 out of 12.

Top 3 contestants are chosen by the judges in the first episode of MasterChef India Season 2. Judges will choose 9 more contestants for the Show from the boot camp challenge in coming episodes. Other contestants will be eliminated. Some contestants are eliminated in this episode also.

About MasterChef India 2:

MasterChef India 2 is introduced in the sequel of the most popular cookery reality Show MasterChef India. It is an Indian competitive cookery reality TV Show based on the original British Show – MasterChef.

MasterChef India 2 is promoted as “Ab Badlo India, Apne “Khane” Ka Andaaz!” The Show has changed many lives in its first season. Now, it is ready to change some more lives from the second season also.

MasterChef India Season 2 winner on Star Plus will be awarded by the coveted title of MasterChef India. Winner of MasterChef India 2 will be awarded by Rs. 1 crore and a cookery Show on Star Plus. You need to wait for grand finale episode to know the name of MasterChef India 2 winner.

Recently, Pankaj Bhadauria, winner of MasterChef India, came on Star Plus with a new cooking Show - Chef Pankaj Ka Zayka. Now, MasterChef India 2 on Star Plus is ready to write a new history like Kitchen Champion, Kitchen Champion 2, Kitchen Champion 4, Hell's Kitchen UK Season 4, Mallika E Kitchen, Marco's Kitchen Burnout and Food Food Maha Challenge.

MasterChef India Season 2 is bigger, wider and harder than its previous season. You can watch MasterChef India 2 on Star Plus every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM in India. It is the most popular cooking reality TV Show to entertain viewers with never seen before culinary experiences.


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