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Friday, September 9, 2011

Prayaschit – Prayaschit on Sony TV – Guilt of Criminals Introduced through Prayaschit Gunahon Ke Zakhm TV Show

Prayashchit Gunahon Ke Zakhm on Sony TV
Prayaschit is a new Show based on the real lives story of criminals starting from September 9, 2011. Prayaschit on Sony TV is scheduled to air every Friday at 9 PM in India. Guilt of criminals introduced through Prayaschit Gunahon Ke Zakhm TV Show.

Prayaschit Host:

Prayaschit host is Tisca Chopra. She narrates the story in brief in each episode. Tisca Chopra was last seen in Superstars Ka Jalwa and Star Anchor Hunt.

First Episode of Prayaschit:

First episode of Prayaschit on Sony TV was based on the life of Dilip Singh. The story talks about rude face of dowry system also. Dilip Singh belongs to Rajasthan. He got married in 1986. He was a government employee in a hospital. He was addicted to wine. His wife – Vina used to protest against his drunken nature. Many times, she tries to leave him.

Dilip Singh realizes that her wife is associated with someone else also. He used to beat her. One day, he sees some friends in his house in his absence. They were drinking there. His belief about her wife became stronger. He beats her brutally on the festival of Holi.

It was last day of Vina’s life. She burnt herself. She died. She had a girl. Her brother came and took away Bulbul also.

Now, Dilip Singh had nothing. But this time again, her mother helped him. She gave him some money to build a house. He got married another woman after sometimes. He had demanded some money as dowry at the time of marriage. But it was not possible for Rekha’s mother.

After two years, Dilip Singh began to force her to demand some money from her parents. But she was failed. Finally, he made a plan to kill her. He takes some drugs and killed his wife. He burnt her. He tried to report about it in the police station. But the situation was clear. A FIR was reported by Rekha’s parents. Dilip Singh sent to the jail for 10 years.

He realized her guilt in the jail. He served people in the jail. His mistake was really big. He narrates his story through Prayaschit Gunahon Ke Zakhm in the first episode and asked sorry.

Second episode of Prayashchit on Sony TV is featured with Seema Parihar’s life, a bandit queen. She was last seen in Big Boss 4. Prayaschit will reveal her crimes and criminal activities.

About Prayaschit Gunahon Ke Zakhm:

Prayashchit talks about victims who offer prayers in expiation for their sins. There are very few people who have the courage to ask for forgiveness for the crime which they did knowingly or unknowingly. Prayaschit on Sony TV showcases the journey of self realization where a criminal realizes his wrong doing. Pressure of guilt is felt by him in his heart.

Prayaschit TV Show is featured with such people and their stories of ‘wrong doings’. It is the story of ‘guilt’ and realization of mistakes. Prayaschit Show gives a platform to such people to confess their guilt.

Prayaschit brings a new story of a person who has done something wrong in his life in each episode. Prayaschit Gunahon Ke Zakhm is a real story of forgiveness but will they be forgiven?

Prayaschit is a new series of crime and criminals on Sony TV after CID, Crime Petrol Dastak, Adalat, Powder and Khotey Sikkey. We already have watched Wanted High Alert also.

Prayaschit Gunahon Ke Zakhm is produced by Saregama Soul of India. The Show is based on a glimpse of the lives of the criminals who are living under the burden of guilt. You can watch Prayashchit Gunahon Ke Zakhm on Sony TV every Friday at 9 PM in India. The Show fills the vacant time slot of X Factor India.