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Friday, August 12, 2011

Soori Poori – Soori Poori on Pogo – A Silent Comedy for Kids Introduced through Soori Poori TV Series

Soori Poori on Pogo TV
Soori Poori is a new series on Pogo TV starting from 12th August, 2011. Soori Poori on Pogo is scheduled to air every Friday at 5:30 PM in India. Kids will enjoy with a silent comedy through Soori Poori TV series.

First Episode of Soori Poori:

First episode of Soori Poori was based on three thieves. They enter into an apartment and steal many precious things. Soori and Poori enters into the apartment. They see the thieves. They help them in their work.

In the next scene of Soori Poori Show, cops come to the apartment and ask about the thieves. Poori tells the truth to the cops.

Soori and Poori are seen in a birth party of Ravinder in the next scene of the first episode. An accident happened there also. The three thieves steal a necklace from the neck of a woman.

Finally, secretary of the apartment gifts a bag to everyone to catch the thieves. There was a photograph of the thieves, a torch and a whistle.

Some people dig a whole and keep a black paper on that. Some are seen watching outside the apartment. But thieves enter into the room and take away jewelry.

After the flop idea, Soori makes a new idea to protect his own house. He makes his room a dangerous place for a stranger.

This night, the thieves are caught. They are handover to the cops. The first episode of Soori Poori series begins with worst idea and ends with the best idea.

Soori Poori TV series is the perfect destination of laughter for kids. Suri and Puri are the perfect character to make us laugh.

About Soori Poori:

Soori Poori TV Show revolves around two characters mainly. They are completely opposite to each others. But they live together. Soori is a thin and lanky guy. He has habits of taking shortcuts in his life. Poori is a strong and energetic girl in a gigantic shape. She tries to present herself graceful every time.

Soori Poori on Pogo is based on real characters with the effect of some animation. You will experience whole new humor and comedy with Soori Poori on Pogo TV every Friday at 5:30 PM in India.

Soori Poori is introduced by Paulred Media Entertainments. The Show sets some moral values also for kids along with comical entertainment like Malegaon Ka Chintu and Gutur Gu.

Soori Poori serial revolves around the daily urban life. The Show tries to create a brand name on Pogo TV like Chhota Bheem.