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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Parichay – Parichay on Colors TV – Parichay Nayee Zinadagi Key Sapno Ka TV Serial Inspires to Give a Second Chance for Life

Parichay Nayee Zinadagi Key Sapno Ka
Parichay is a new serial on Colors TV starting from 9th August, 2011. Parichay on Colors TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Thursday at 9:30 PM in India. Parichay Nayee Zinadagi Key Sapno Ka TV serial inspires people to give a second chance to their life.

Parichay Casts:

Kunal Chopra:

Sameer Soni has played the character of Kunal Chopra in Parichay. Kunal is a middle class Punjabi boy. He belongs to Mumbai. He is an advocate. He is a very complex person. He always fights with himself. He tries to give a better life to his family. He had spent a luxurious life. Now, he is a failure guy in his life. Sameer Soni was earlier seen in Bigg Boss 4.

Gaurav Chopra:

Ayaz Khan has played the character of Gaurav Chopra in Parichay on Colors TV. He is brother of Kunal. Ayaz Khan was earlier seen in Dill Mill Gayye.


Keerti Nagpure has played the character of Siddhi in Parichay TV serial. Siddhi is the female protagonist in this serial. She is beautiful and charming. Siddhi is looking for a humble and noble husband for her.

Pravina Chopra:

Prerna Wanvari has played the character of Pravina Chopra in Parichay serial. She is sister of Kunal. Prerna Wanvari was earlier seen in Bandini.

Veena Chopra:

Alka Amin has played the character of Veena Chopra in Parichay TV series. She is mother of Kunal. Alka Amin was earlier seen in 12/24 Karol Bagh and Chhajje Chhajje Ka Pyaar.

Seema Chopra:

Aarti Singh has played the character of Seema Chopra in Parichay series. She is Kunal’s sister-in-law. Aarti Singh was earlier seen in Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai.


Abhay Bhargava has played the character of Thakral in Parichay Nayee Zinadagi Key Sapno Ka. He is Kunal’s ex-father-in-law. Abhay Bhargava was earlier seen in Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2.

Deeya Chopra of Mrs Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuen and Pratigya, Saurabh Jain as Anand, Vikram, Kapil, Simran and Vivek Mishra as Raj Chopra are also leading casts of Parichay Nayi Zindagi Ke Sapno Ka.

Parichay Story:

Story of Parichay Nayee Zinadagi Key Sapno Ka revolves around a young advocate. He gets married to a daughter of a senior advocate. The marriage does not work. The senior advocate takes revenge. He makes Kunal’s life very hard. A new girl enters into Kunal’s life in Parichay on Colors TV and makes things better for him.

First Episode of Parichay:

First episode of Parichay on Colors TV begins from the street of Mumbai. Kunal calls his brother – Anand asking about his requirement of a suit. Anand replied him that he has a new suit and he doesn’t need for a new suit.

Next scene of Parichay moves with Siddhi. She was getting ready with her fatty sister. Her brother comes to him and asked to get ready quickly to reach at the time in Sangeet ceremony of Simran.

First episode of Parichay TV serial revolves around a time period of 8 hours. Siddhi narrates the story. The episode begins with a Lathi charge of police on Kunal. We watched the first episode of Parichay serial in flashback.

Vikram had proposed Siddhi. He was to meet her today in the Sangeet ceremony of Simran. Vikram asks Anand also to go there.

Anand tries to pick contact lens of Siddhi’s sister. Siddhi thinks that Anand tries to touch her sister. She let her way from him. Again, Kunal calls Anand and shouts him.

Kunal enters into a bar. He plays gamble to win. He wants to win Rs. 30000 for his brother. He won it. But at the right time, police reached there. Cops catch him and ask to return the money.

In the next scene of Parichay, Anand tries to call his brother. But he doesn’t pick his call. Vikram asks Shiddhi’s brother to send her outside. He did so.

Sidhhi comes out and sees Anand. She recognizes him as Vikram. A short introduction didn’t make her impressed.

Kunal reaches at the outside of banquet. He makes a call Anand. A guard comes outside and tells him about the fight. Anand runs towards his brother. He interferes in the fight. He tries to save his brother.

Kunal fights to save Anand. Similarly, Anand fights to save Kunal. Siddhi gets impressed seeing the love between brothers. She said that she likes Vikram. But he was actually Anand.

First episode of Parichay ends with a short introductory phenomenon. Sidhhi narrates the story what she sees and releases in just 8 hours.

About Parichay TV Serial:

Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka is a new serial on Colors TV starting from 9th August, 2011. Story of Parichay revolves around a fallen hero - Kunal Chopra. He has lost his zest in life due to his failures and continues to lead a nonchalant life in this serial.

Kunal was once a career oriented and successful lawyer in Parichay. But fate had something else in store for him. Kunal begins to feel as a failure amidst his family. Story of Parichay unfolds as Kunal finds his way in life.

Team of Parichay Nayi Zindagi Ke Sapnon Ka is ready to help them who are seeking a solution for emotional encounters and need advice on how life can give you a second chance. They need to call Parichay Nayi Zindagi Ke Sapnon Ka at Toll Free Number 1800 209 6160 from 8th August 2011 between 10AM to 6PM. You can speak to team of Parichay Nayi Zindagi Ke Sapnon Ka experts.

Parichay Nayee Zindagi Ke Sapno Ka is produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. It is created by Ekta Kapoor. Parichay Nayee Zindagi Key Sapno Ka is directed by Ravindra Gautam and Muzammil Desai.

You can watch Parichay Nayi Zindagi Key Sapno Ka on Colors TV every Monday to Thursday at 9:30 PM in India. Mukti Bandhan is replaced by Parichay at 11 PM at a new time slot.

Colors TV brings the new Show after the huge popularity of Phulwa, Sasural Simar Ka, Laagi Tujhse Lagan, Hamari Saass Leela, Na Aana Is Des Laado, Balika Vadhu, Uttaran and India’s Got Talent Season 3.

Name of the serial is based on the most popular movie of 1972 – Parichay directed by Gulzar. Parichay on Colors TV can become the story of hope and second chance to inspire many lives. It can set an example for many apathetic people.


varsha said...

First episode i was realy like me aur meri sister Chanel intjar kar rehe the serial kab start ho ga our such maniye peh;a episod i very like 2nd episod humne mummy our brother ko jabrdasti dikhya unko bhi acha laga thaks ekta

Rohit verma said...

" A touching story......i liked it....."

rishi raj said...

i like the story and the chemistry between 2 brother, heart touching

komal & netra said...

i like this story very much & i like kunal's and siddhi's family.ilike love bet'n kunal & anand please keep this relation as it is don't apart them plz.................

arpita said...

parichay awesome serial i like kunal & anand.....nice story line.........

amar said...

i like sameer soni, in the serial known as kunal chopra. Because he do fight again himself in our life & her love story. am also like the love chemistry of anand and sidhi.


dis is vry vry touchng story.i really lyk SAURABH RAJ JAIN, he is sho sho cute, sweet & luk inocnt.i'm watchng dis serial cheifly bcoz of SAURABH.

Unknown said...

well i hvnt followed 4m d 1st bt recently i watched it n liked it ,very emotional....n anandz role z gud n anand n siddhi shud b 2gether always. i hope agn here d same prob dnt arise btn dem n siddhi n anad part away n siddhi hookin up wid kunal. if it happens den it wud b as usual one of d balaji predictable serials. so plz plz let anand n siddhi b 2gether do sumthn new 4 kunal.

sweety said...

salooooo kuttoooo kaminoooooo mere anand ko kyo maraaaa??? ab tumhara serial koi ni dekhega>!!!!....

deepika said...

well the serial was very nice, different, and unique in its own way but ekta kapoor had to add her factor of killing people in her serials and making it dull,,,, instead of that you could have shown how does kunal, siddhi, anand together stand and win over thakral... we all use to watch this serial but now this factor of killing has made it like any other serial... very depressing.

Khwahish said...

i was waching the show specially bcoz of Anand.. but now there in nothing to watch...i cried a lot when Anand died in the serial... he shud be back in the show....

ajay kumar said...

i love this serial and kunal, siddhi

Param said...

I love this serial..I like kunal and sidhi totegher..

DEVRAJ said...

i love tou shidhi ..will you marry me..

krishna R. said...

U don't know?
This serial is very............. good.
I like chemistry betn kunal & siddhi
and i love siddhi.

ashwanisaxena said...

this the first serial which i like most.... in this serial every thing is so practical.
I am fan of Sameer Soni who play his role very realistic way and i am also a big fan of Keerti Nagpura as siddhi.
Realy a very touching story.... this story may motivate those who failes in his life.

vidhyalakshmi said...

i like the story very much. pls do not separate siddhi and kunal i can not accept that pla i want them to be gather pls. how siddhi can accept the offer of richa. keep an full stop for this richa end her story pls.