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Monday, August 1, 2011

Nat Geo Rush – National Geographic Channel Premiered Rush on August 1

Nat Geo Rush
Rush is a new Show on National Geographic Channel starting from August 1, 2011. Rush on Nat Geo is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 10 PM in India. You will watch incredibly rarest moments through Nat Geo Rush.

First Episode of Rush:

First episode of Rush begins with perilous journey. It was the journey of Himalaya. It was the journey of height. A man goes on 18000 foot high on the pick of Himalaya from the surface of the earth.

We knew about the worst air crashes of Alaska Airlines. The episode gives information about making method of tyres.

We watched “Caught in the Act” through Nat Geo Rush. It was based on the animal research. Most of research was from South Africa. First episode of Rush series reveals the best aspect of unexpected and unbelievable world’s acts.

About Nat Geo Rush:

Nat Geo Rush brings the most thrilling, jaw-dropping and never before seen moments to you. Prepare yourself for the back-to-back action through Rush on Nat Geo every Monday to Friday at 10 PM in India.

You will watch jumps, drops, rescues, crashes, strange cults and much more actions through Nat Geo Rush. The Show covers wide spectrum of wild nature to natural disasters. There are effects of science and technology to real life incidents also.

Nat Geo Rush is ready to showcase awe-inspiring action and drama packed capsule. There will be death defying jumps from snow covered mountain peaks. You will experience an incredible rescue landing of a passenger jet. There is the full action of legendary fights between Cape Buffalos and Lions.

Nat Geo Rush endeavor to bring an entertainment from invigorating, dynamic and rare world to the viewers. This Show is informative as well as inspiring. It is presented by Panasonic Smart Viera.

Rush brings a collection of investigations, wildlife, natural phenomenon, adventure, exploration, engineering and technology on National Geographic Channel.

Keep watching Nat Geo Rush every Monday to Friday at 10 PM in India for the thrilling updates from varied field of living and non-living world. Nat Geo Rush is launched on the same date of Dog Whisperer.