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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dharampatni – Dharampatni on Imagine TV – Dharampatni TV Serial Establishes Loyalty of Indian Housewives towards Husbands

Dharampatni on Imagine TV
Dharampatni is a new TV serial on Imagine TV starting from 16th August, 2011. Dharampatni on Imagine TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Thursday at 9:30 PM in India. Dharampatni TV serial establishes loyalty of Indian housewives towards their husbands.

Dharampatni Casts:

Mohan Galla:

Harshad Chopra has played the character of Mohan Galla in Dharampatni. He is loved by Kastur. He is supposed to be her ideal husband in Dharam Patni on Imagine TV. Harshad Chopra was earlier seen in Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil and Tere Liye.

Kastur Galla:

Aasiya Kazi has played the character of Kastur Galla in Dharampatni TV serial. She is an ideal daughter in her house. She tries to make all situation normal always. She is very intelligent and beautiful. Mohan is her ideal in Dharam Patni TV serial. Aasiya Kazi was earlier seen in Bandini.

Jasu Ben:

Gopi Desai has played the character of Kastur's grandmother in Dharam Patni. She is very stylish and a great fan of Salman Khan. She is a comical character in this serial. Gopi Desai was earlier seen in Chhoti Bahu and Chhoti Bahu 2.

Mohan's Sister:

Addite Shirwakar Malik has played the character of Mohan's Sister in Dharampatni on Imagine TV. Addite Shirwakar Malik was earlier seen in Baat Hamari Pakki Hai.

Mohan's Brother:

Pankit Thakker has played the character of Mohan's Brother in Dharampatni serial. Pankit Thakker was earlier seen in Dill Mill Gayye.

Mohan's Uncle:

Jaydutt Vyas has played the character of Mohan's Uncle in Dharampatni TV series.

Mohan's mother:

Supriya Shukla has played the character of Mohan’s mother in Dharampatni series.

Sonal, Pratik, Jeetu and Nattoo are also leading characters of Dharampatni on Imagine TV. Casts of the serial are perfect in their role and characters.

Dharampatni Title Song:

Piya Jo Tu Hai Diya…

Main Toh Teri Bati…

Jal Jal Mar Jaun Re…

Piya Jo Hai Chandan…

Mai Toh Thari Lakadi…

Ghis Ghis Mit Jaun Re…

Sawan Ya Bhado Rama…

Suraj Ki Tapan Ho Rama…

Rahun Tere Saath Re…

Main Toh Teri Parchhain…

Tere Pichhe Pichhe Aayi…

Jaye Jis Gaon Re…

Har Dasha Mein, Har Disha Mein…

Tumhara Saath Nibhaungi…

Ban Ke Tumhari Dharam Patni…

Lyrics of Dharampatni title song are awesome. Music of the title song has been composed very beautifully. Dharampatni title song is really very appreciating. It touches our heart.

Dharam Patni Story:

Story of Dharampatni on Imagine TV revolves around Mohan. He is sent abroad to complete study. He returns after completing his studies. He returns as a new Mohan. He is seen as an arrogant.

Mohan shows no affection towards his wife. His ideologies take a new shape. His wife is very righteous towards him and always puts him first in Dharampatni.

She fulfills all her duties as his dutiful wife and cares for him immensely. She can do anything for her husband and family's well-being. Despite it, Mohan pays no attention to her. Kastur is still very loyal and passionate about him. She treats him like god.

Later in the process of the story, Mohan’s character changes and he becomes more loving towards his wife. Central character of Dharampatni is like Gandhi. Relationship of Mohan and Kastur is like Gandhi and Kasturba. Story of Dharampatni is loosely based on the life sketch of Gandhi and Kasurba in the modern way.

First Episode of Dharmapatni:

First episode of Dharmapatni on Imagine TV begins with the dream of Kastur. She runs towards a strange sound of a flute. She sees Lord Krishna. She calls him Mohan catching his hand. But the scene returns to Kastur. She was slept. She had caught her mother hand. Her mother awakes her.

In the next scene of Dharmapatni in the first episode, Baa was crying for tea. Sarda asks Champa to serve tea. She enters into Baa’s room. She was crying. She returns in the hall and asks Kastur’s mother about it.

Sarda and Kastur run towards Baa’s room. Baa explains the whole situations about the TV serials. She asks Kastur to visit Moti Haweli.

Sonal is seen as pregnant lady in the first episode of Dharmapatni serial. She is the wife of Pratik. He is a CA. His father is not satisfied with him. He wanted to see him as a part of JP and Sons Company.

First episode of Dharmapatni ends with the best dialogue of Kastur on Gujrat and Gujrati when a girl insults her grandmother. She defines Gujrati people as the best people in the world. She justified her lifestyle and dignity logically.

Slow-paced background music and ‘Piya Bawri Hoon’ lyric make the serial more interactive. Dialogues, background scenes, costumes, set and camera effect are very perfect in this serial.

About Dharampatni:

Dharampatni is a new serial on Imagine TV inspired by the relationship of Kasturba and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The story talks about the love and support of Mohan’s unwavering wife.

Kastur and Mohan are seen unhappy with their relationship in the beginning. Mohan is burdened by the debt of Kastur’s father. Now, he is unable to pay the money back.

Dharampatni is a story of the unwavering love, strength and commitment that every Indian woman has towards her husband. It talks about the love, passion, devotion, affection and loyalty of the Indian housewife.

Dharampatni serial introduces a story that is related to every Indian woman. The Show talks about all the silent sacrifices of women for the betterment of family.

Dharampatni replaces the timing of Looteri Dulhan. You can watch Dharampatni on Imagine TV every Monday to Thursday at 9:30 PM in India. Imagine TV considers it as one of the best series like Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo, Beend Banoongaa Ghodi Chadhunga, Preeto, Chandragupta Maurya, Dwarkadheesh and Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaniyaan.

Dharampatni word is used for dutiful wife in Indian society. There is a Telgu film on the same name - Dharma Patni. The word is the symbol of an ideal housewife in Indian society.

Dharampatni serial is directed by Waseem Sabir. It is produced by DJ’s A Creative Unit and Endmol India PVT. Ltd. The fiction Show has to struggle more to establish itself against Kaun Banega Crorepati 2011.


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