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Friday, August 26, 2011

Date Trap 2 – Date Trap Season 2 on UTV Bindass – Date Trap 2 Introduced as the Worstest Date Ever

Date Trap 2 on UTV Bindass
Date Trap 2 is the second season of Date Trap starting from 26th August, 2011. Initially, it was scheduled to air from August 19, 2011. Date Trap Season 2 on UTV Bindass is scheduled to air every Friday at 7 PM in India. Date Trap 2 introduced as worstest date ever on Bindass TV.

Date Trap 2 Host:

Host of Date Trap 2 is Aaliyah Khan. She was earlier seen in Beg Borrow Steal Season 7 and Street Dance. She is the most popular face on UTV Bindass. Once again, she is back on Bindass TV as the host Date Trap Season 2.

First Episode of Date Trap 2:

Aaliyah Khan invites Prachi and Malikka Malhotra in the first episode of Date Trap 2 on UTV Bindass. Prachi wanted to set up a trap for Mikhail to make his date worstest ever. On the other hand, Malikka also wanted to sell out her friend – Nikhil to make some cash.

Aaliyah asks 3 weaknesses of each – Mikhail and Nikhil. Prachi tells weaknesses of Mikhail. He had allergy from Pink Colour, Blood and Cheap Talk. Malikka tells Nikhil weaknesses – Poetry, Tattoo and Smoking Habits of girls.

Now, it was the time of audition of some actors. Nafisa as a doctor, Kuki as a social activist, Lekha as a pregnant lady and Muskan as a nurse are chosen by Prachi to trap Mikhail date.

Mikhail is called in a clinic. Nafisa is introduced as a busy doctor. So, she calls Mikhail in her clinic on a date. Lekha was laid on a bed as a pregnant lady.

Nafisa tries to make Mikhail irritate by her act. She dances with skeleton. She asks Mikhail to help her in Lekha’s work. In the mean time, nurse enters into the scene. She shouts Mikhail. She orders him to do as the doctor says.

At the end, a puppy comes out. The whole scene is interrupted by Kuku. The date ends here with the appearance of Aaliyah with Prachi.

Next date of Date Trap 2 TV Show is set up for Nikhil in the first episode. Malikka chooses Muskan as a rocker chick, Dhaval as a Tattoo Guru and Sahil as a Tattoo cum Shayari man.

Muskan tries to make Nikhil irritate by her tattoos and acting. She was awesome in her acting. Dhaval and Sahil make the whole scene more effective. They make Nikhil mad on his date trapping it.

The first episode of Date Trap 2 Show is won by Malikka. She is awarded by some cash also. The episode was more impressive and interesting based on worstest date ever.

About Date Trap 2:

Date Trap Season 2 is the sequel of Date Trap on UTV Bindass. It brings worstest date ever. Second Season of Date Trap doubles up the excitement keeping the core concept of the show alive.

UTV Bindass TV brings the second season of Date Trap to include it in the list of successful shows like Emotional Atyachar 3, D3 Commando Force, Dadagiri Season 4 and Big Switch 2.

Date Trap 2 is presented by Arise Mobiles. The Show brings fun moment for viewers with a trapped date set by their friends. You can watch Date Trap 2 on UTV Bindass every Friday at 7 PM in India.


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loved muskan ya..... she ws really awesom.. :)))